The pricey but pretty clever PlayStation 3 - Peter Griffin

The PlayStation 3 is back from the repair shop after inexplicably dying on me. Since its return I've been testing out Sony's claim that the PS3 can serve as the multimedia hub for the home.

Sony and the PS3 are part of the Digital Living Network Alliance which has set standards to make it easy for various consumer electronics devices to network together. This is where computers and lounge-centric gadgets like games consoles and digital recorders finally shake hands.

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PS360PCROCKS4013d ago

this is the first mention of anyone having a broken PS3

Marceles4013d ago

You seriously have to be the biggest n00b ever to break a PS3

_insane_cobra4013d ago

I've actually seen quite a few reports. Not nearly as much as for the Xbox 360, of course, but they're dying all right.

Bordel_19004012d ago


Do you even believe your own lies?

carlman234012d ago

And they've said in a podcast that the number is near or below the industry standard of 3-5%. Not anywhere near Xbox's of course, but normal by industry standards.

_insane_cobra4012d ago

"Do you even believe your own lies?"

Well, believe it or not, it's the truth. Thankfully, I predicted I'd be having conversations like this months ago and I also knew that some fanboys won't want to believe that their precious console is anything short of indestructible so I bookmarked several cases of PS3s crapping out from message boards I frequent. This is just a small sampling of all the cases I've witnessed, and, of course, there are many, many more out there:

All things break, you know, even the mighty PS3.

pLaystation4012d ago

PS3 = Less than 1% defectives
Xbox 360 = 30% or more

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neogeo4013d ago

Other then games I use it for.
Blueray movies
Upscaled DVD player
Super audio CDs. I have 2 and they sound great.
I love the pictures from my SD card look great. much better then Wii.
N4G. yes im logged in right now on my PS3 using the browser.
Adult films.
Media server.
I never owned a PS2 so I love playing PS2 also its not even dead yet.
and PS1

BenzMoney4012d ago

"My PS3 is my life."

Wow, that's really sad.

schabeugen044013d ago

Normally I would'nt give a rats ass about this guy but is peter griffin the "Family Guy" lol

Darkiewonder4013d ago

I thought this was Peter Griffin From Family Guy. Boo. ;(

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The story is too old to be commented.