Lemmings Game Music Live Performance Video on the Yamaha Tyros3 Keyboard by James Woodcock

James Woodcock plays one of the tracks from Lemmings (Lemmings 3D in particular) on the Yamaha Tyros3 keyboard live.

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yess2967d ago

It's just pure happines lol

So his name is Woodcock..o__0

distorted_reality2967d ago

I didn't think I was the only one who had a chuckle.

distorted_reality2967d ago

I loved lemmings when I was a kid, such a brilliantly simple game. I'd never try saving the lemmings if I screwed up, i'd just watch them kill themselves. Much fun to be had.

I don't know why this is worthy of a video or anything, but if it's just to bow down to a truly awesome game, then that's awesome.

Blackdeath_6632967d ago

is the most epic music in any game, you will understand if you were a gamer = )

thewhoopimen2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

That's a good piece and I enjoy playing it, but it isn't particularly challenging to perform. Neither is this "happy-go-lucky" piece either it seems with a proper pre-recorded chord sequence.