Blizzcon 2010 Tickets Sold Out - Round Two on Saturday

BlizzCon 2010 tickets went on sale last night, and just like last year, they went fast. All tickets available in this first batch have already sold out. If you missed out, you’ve got a second chance coming up on Saturday @ 10am, California time.

The spots went almost instantly, people in the same room report connecting simultaneously, and finding themselves thousands of places apart in the queue.

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Bandreus3029d ago

I actually thought those would have gone sold out much faster

Chazmers3029d ago

cant say im surprised. expect saturday's to go just as quick

Panthers3029d ago

i dont think they could have sold any faster than they did. I know someone who tried to buy them the second he could, and was unable to.

Djorgo3029d ago

Now there's a surprise!

Recka3029d ago

I sense sarcasm in your voice :P

Cogo3029d ago

Hehe, who didn't see this coming?

And $200 tickets next year, ofc.

Bandreus3029d ago

I can definitely see this happening

UIOP3029d ago

Or they could always go for larger premises, and sell more tickets.

Bandreus3029d ago

So on Saturday we basically get another Blizzcon lottery

Djorgo3029d ago

Yes. And that is everyone's last chance.

Cogo3029d ago

I had like 1 minute internet delay, and I did not make the queue.

Sucks :(

Recka3029d ago

GL on saturday then! I wish I could afford

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