B4HD: Hero Quest Retrospective

B4HD writes: It’s the last day of the school year and you have to imagine all those little 1980’s children: imagine them in bright colours, headbands, tube socks, and Frankie Says Relax t-shirts; imagine them with their favourite toy from home in the classroom – a wooden race car on a string, dolls, slinky spring off the desk, playing pre-sex twister – stood up, sat down, running amok, teacher in a corner, gin under the table. If you have imagined that you still haven’t captured a pinch of what it was to enjoy an end of term “toy day” back then, in the sunset age of the board game; in the time of Games Workshop’s Dungeons & Dragons-lite “HeroQuest” with its 3D adventuring that sprung up off the table.

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Aphe2995d ago

Brings back memories, although I played the less colourful speccy version it was still a fun game. I'm also guilty of buying the boardgame, I was quite heavily into Warhammer and everything Games Workshop related around that time.

Great site as well, bookmarked.

Sexius Maximus2995d ago

Grew up playing the board game a lot. Never knew their was a digital version. Way cool.

TANUKI2995d ago

Ahahaha, my brother and I used to have the board game for this! We also had the Atari version too.