Make Your Own Beats in Drum Studio

Players will soon be able to play, record, edit, save and playback their own song creations on their Xbox 360 drum kit peripherals in the form of All Seeing Eye Games' new game Drum Studio. Drum Studio utilizes the full potential of the drum kit to put the power of music creation in the players' hands.

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CrAppleton2970d ago

This looks like it'll be a cool addition to the XBLIA

Neco5122970d ago

Too bad it won't have achievements, but it should be pretty cheap since it's just an indie game

DaRockSays2970d ago

Cheap? Cool... no achievements? Bummer

maawdawg2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

For $1 you can't really go wrong trying it out if it even remotely looks interesting to you, achievements or not.

This is their first game and they plan on making more, and not only in the music genre. The entire company is two people.

Here is the trailer for it.

Neco5122970d ago

SWEET! I can't wait to make my own music for my drumset!

DaRockSays2970d ago

seriously, I can't wait either, I want to be able to make more music for other instruments too though

DaRockSays2970d ago

Oh nice! Why don't we see more things like this? Maybe with a guitar next?

Neco5122970d ago

That's a good idea, not sure why they don't have something like this for other things

DelbertGrady2970d ago

Do you know what happened to that game that ships with a real electric guitar? I believe it's called Powergig: Rise of the sixstring.

Sounds cool for me, since I know how to play, but perhaps not so 'pick-up-and-play' for beginners :)

CrAppleton2970d ago

Oh yeah! I totally forgot all about that. I love tools like this.

GodGinrai2969d ago (Edited 2969d ago )

I know a few people that made there first beats on that program before investing in something more serious like cubase/logic (pro-level, music sequencers). I thought it was ridiculous seeng as the program "holds your hand" through the whole process. I started out on an mpc3000LE with a roland jv1080 sound module , a roland midi keyboard that was occasionally stubborn as a bull and a yamaha mixer....that was when i was 16....spent every hard earned penny on that set up, so i was dead set against computers making music. nowadays my MIDI instruments are slave devices to my computer based sequencer...oh, the irony.

EDIT: did i mention it took me a whole weekend to get all that equipment to work correctly with each other..daisy chaining MIDI equipment was a mofo when your still learning!

dork07832970d ago

Hopefully it's better than the other indie game called DRUM XPLOSION.

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