Assassin's Creed Brotherhood multiplayer details explode

The first Assassin's Creed Brotherhood hands-on preview has landed, via the pages of PSM3 magazine in the UK.

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Squall50052879d ago

AC2 was a massive improvement over the first game.
I'm excited to see how they step it up for this game.

Redempteur2879d ago

i agree AC2 was a massive improvement over the first but it wasn't perfect ...not to mention the story CUT for dlcs , but the IA was tedious at times .. and some weapons ( gun, poison needles ) were more than useless when used outside of the story ..

ANd so few reason to use the flying machine ... ( one mission ? TWO with dlc ) and that's all ??

AssassinHD2879d ago

I had a different experience with the poison needle Redepteur. I found it to be an incredibly effective way to distract guards, allowing me to walk mostly unchallenged through the chaos to back-stab other guards.

Eamon2879d ago

True, they cut out chapters of the story for DLC.

But at least it wasn't set after the ending. A lot of games that could have included the epilogues didn't. Like Prince of Persia and Alan Wake.

Anyway, can't wait for Brotherhood.

redDevil872879d ago

I still haven't played number 2 (don't kill me),i've played number 1. I think i'll get 2 during the gaming drought in the summer.

Chucky20032879d ago

i thought i will read some details about it instead they just advertised the magazine

AliTheBrit192879d ago

Yep misleading title

I really hope it gets scanned in ASAP.