PSP2 could use roll up video screen?

Sony has released a 4.1-inch full-color OLED screen OTFT-driven, this outstanding between the screen lies in its superior flexibility, the screen can be easily wrapped around the cylinder at a radius of 4mm.

Sony PSP2 has not officially announced and the PSP console models of related follow-up information, but very much hope that the PSP console in the future to see.


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Noctis Aftermath2969d ago

There is zero chance this will be in the PSP2, it just won't work for interactive entertainment, for watching videos/tv or reading it would work well, but not for a handheld games system.

Chris3992969d ago

It would be ludicrously expensive.

remanutd552969d ago

how much that thing would cost ? $500 ? not a chance , i dont think thats the PSP 2

Half-Mafia2969d ago

yep, probably double that.

stupid article.