Activision will rue the day it let Infinity Ward slip

Frontier Developments chairman David Braben breaks down the Activision/Infinity Ward debacle, in an exclusive opinion piece for Develop:

"Most of us in the industry have been watching the unfolding situation between Activision and Infinity Ward with a form of ‘rubber-necking’ horror, as this depressingly spectacular train crash unfolds in slow motion.

The quiet period we’re in now, and going to court or settlement, can be an anxious time. It is especially unpleasant for those directly involved, but many are concerned whether it will be damaging for the whole industry.

Personally, I suspect the long term outcome will be positive for the development side of the industry as a whole, and quite possibly for Zampella and West, though they will have a year or two of misery beforehand, for which they have my sympathy (lawsuits are always unpleasant, even when you win in the end)."

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