Miyamoto calls Move and Natal copies

In a recent interview Shigeru Miyamoto described the rush into the motion controller market by Sony and Microsoft a threatening behavior. Though he didn't stop there, he also wanted to clarify that motion controlled gaming was something that Nintendo created.
“Whenever something we have created and presented is followed by copies, we always feel it is threatening,” said the dev legend.

“More than that, we’re concerned that others are trying to do something similar for the sake of it. It’s not encouraging to Nintendo.”

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FanboyAttack2845d ago

I think that both Move and Natal are different enough to not be considered copies of the Wiimote. Now, sure they got the idea from Nintendo after seeing their extreme success with the Wii but Move is like Wii Mote on steroids and Natal is completely different than Wii, Natal is closer to Sony's tech than anything.

Johnny52845d ago

How is Natal like Sony. Come on now Eye is nowhere near Natal.

sid4gamerfreak2845d ago

Of course move and natal are copies. BOTH of them. And so is the wii remote.

Guess who invented it all first? Go on guess

hint: Its from sega for the dreamcast

sid4gamerfreak2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Your comment states that "your comment is irelivent though they've copied there both trying to better which there is nothing wrong with"

Firstly,I never said there is anything wrong with both being copies. I just said they ARE copies. If they are making that technology better, its a win situation for gamers and the industry.

So no, my comment is not irrelevant.

EDIT: Oh, thats fine. Dont worry, mate :)

hoops2845d ago

Actually ATARI had the first motion controls with the 2600. The Le Stick. Not Sega...Not Sony...Not MS...

dangert122845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

yes beceause the wii was first with motion sensors
your comment is irelivent though they've copied there both trying to better which there is nothing wrong with

LOL my bad sid i was reply 2 myia somthing did't realise i pressed reply and not comment sorry

siyrobbo2845d ago

i remember a microsoft motion controller for the pc waaaay before the wii

sloth33952845d ago

i think by motion control he is talking about the power glove since it used motion controls in it

nickjkl2845d ago

unless this didnt come out in 2004

then move was in development before the wii thats interesting wouldnt that mean its not a rip never mind this was meant for ps2 so it had to be before the wii

digitaledge2845d ago

You do realise that is just a tracking method they were playing about with. A ball on a stick - nothing more. No accelerometers, gyroscopes or anything. Just a way of having the camera track something.

So they were testing something like that in 2004. What do you think Nintendo were doing 2 years before the Wii was released, and a year before they revealed anything? Waiting for Sony to come up with something they could copy? Then why didn't they copy it?

The Wii started development as soon as the GC was released, as all companies do as soon as their new hardware is completed.

Now I might just have to say that Sony are copying Nintendo with their 3D games considering that the GC was capable of 3D gaming. lol.

GameOn2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

That's a vid of a ball on a stick.

Well let me say a few things. The Wii designs would have been well under way at this point.

Why didn't the move come out years ago if it was in development before the Wii.

This ball on a stick was clearly just an idea that sony did nothing about until they saw the success of the wii then the pretty much copied it. Yes I said COPY. The vid proves nothing.

nickjkl2845d ago

oh wow you guys are really holding onto that ps3 copyed wii thing

i guess sony broke into nintendos office found out they were going to do motion control started creating the move before we knew anything about created a tech demo showing what the vision of it was

but nope in youre mind well nintendo released it first so sony copyed even though sony were doing their own thing way before the wii was out now everyone saying well sony is just copying wiis success

digitaledge2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

That video doesn't prove ANYTHING about the Move being in development. All it does is show a more accurate method of tracking for the PS2 Eyetoy using a ball on a stick that the camera can pick up easily.

The whole Move concept is much more than that. Yes, it uses the ball tracking and camera combo that they had been testing, but it also uses accelorometers, gyroscopes and a lot more in the controller. That's a CONTROLLER that Move uses and not the STICK that you see in the video.

Sony had been playing about with full body motion control with the Eyetoy. They had never made any mention or reference to a controller based motion control method until Nintendo announced the Wii. Then they came out with SIXaxis - which even close Sony devs said that they knew nothing about until a few weeks before the announcement.

All Sony did was take what they had been trying with the Eyetoy and add what Nintendo brought to market with the Wii and combine the two. Which is a decision that they took AFTER the Wii was announced.

I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, just that all your video proves is that Sony were playing with a ball on a stick 6 years ago, and it doesn't prove anything about the Move.

And let's not forget that you completely ignored my point that this was only 1 year before the reveal of the Wii, so I'd be fairly certain that Nintendo would have been working on it long before then. In fact, their patent shows that it was originally intended for the Gamecube!

Ju2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Who copied who doesn't really matter.

I am sure the idea of motion controls is as old as gaming. Everyone in the industry might have had the question "how do we make it work".

All we know is that Sony actually had experimented on EyeToy for that purpose as long ago as 1999 (first public showing at GDC and other public events).

Nintendo might have done the same. We don't know. Nintendo might even have been inspired by those demos from back then.

What Nintendo did and nobody else, was taking the risk to make it a product and make their entire (console) product portfolio dependent on it. No other company did that before. This was a big gamble and payed off for them. It might have been necessary for them, to bet everything on one card. Nintendo almost failed with their GameCube, they had no money to compete in the high tech game of HD consoles. They choose the cheaper, more risky but also more creative direction. Good for them.

Now others, sure based on Nintendo's success, what to get an return on their own ideas (not so sure about MS. I am sure they neither had a motion controller nor a camera device before in their labs - there was a LiveCam, yes. Somebody must have sold them the idea, given their history...).

Oner2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Planetweb said ~ "That video doesn't prove ANYTHING about the Move being in development. All it does is show a more accurate method of tracking for the PS2 Eyetoy using a ball on a stick that the camera can pick up easily"

LoL! Doesn't that actually PROVE it was in development! I mean FFS that is where it STARTED and you are trying to argue that is NOT where PS Move's development began!?!? If that doesn't explain/make clear the situation then you are just in shear denial.

There has been NOTHING shown EVER from Nintendo pre Wii to showcase how long they had this "idea" of which is eerily similar to the XaviX Interactive System circa 2004 ( & ) which released BEFORE the Wii in late 2006 but AFTER the early PS Eyetoy/Move/Dr. Richard Marks Gesture Recognition tech demo's pre-1999.

This is DOCUMENTED and PROVEN information available to all with a little bit of research. This CANNOT be refuted or denied...though we all know certain people will try their hardest to obfuscate the factual valid truth that those who are WILLING to learn about and can show/prove with proper supportive evidence over other peoples opinions, biased conjecture, misinformed views & nothing more than just "words" because that's all they have as their "proof"!

Mahr2845d ago

"LoL! Doesn't that actually PROVE it was in development! I mean FFS that is where it STARTED and you are trying to argue that is NOT where PS Move's development began!?!?"

In the first place, throwing in a dozen exclamation points and random spurts of ALLCAPS is not exactly something which helps your case.

In the second place, no one cares which yahoo specifically demoed or scrawled on a cocktail napkin which technical design for whatever first. There are literally hundreds of tech demoes floating around showcasing hundreds of other ideas -- almost none of which will ever become products. Which ideas actually make it to market and how they are used is the question that's actually important.

Do you honestly believe Move would have been anything other than the unsupported sideshow piece of trash that the Eyetoy was if Sony were left purely to their own devices?

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oricon2845d ago

Who create the Dpad, nintendo did, who created shoulder buttons nintendo did, who created analogue stick nintendo did and who created the rumble pack nintendo did, and who copied all this Sony and Microsoft did, but no one cried about it back then.

Loadedklip2845d ago

Nintendo is the one that tries to change controllers time and time again for console gaming and even portable gaming. The others follow suit once they see Nintendo making tons of cash off the idea.

pixelsword2845d ago

Ironic, considering that the man basically makes copies of the five games he made over the last 20 or so years.

BrutallyBlunt2845d ago

The Wii has slowed down somewhat over the last year or so. Now with Natal and the Playstation Move getting press and lots of interest it's taking away from the Wii being in the spotlight.

Nintendo is not like Apple where they will have control of the motion control market or continually release products for the hip and cool crowd. The technology for the Wii is limited and time is not on its side. Plus add the fact 3rd party publishers have not been that successful on it and you have a situation where the competition can come in and take away your market.

raztad2845d ago

Well to be honest I totally dont care about who invented first, or who copying who. The Wii has proven to be successful and opened a market others are interested to cater to. How is that wrong?

The idea behind the MOVE could be the same, but it is improved. 22ms delay response time and highly precise motion tracking make sure MOVE can be used in "hardcore" competitive gaming, not mostly casual shovelware or party stuff.

The motion controller train got in movement and Sony is just getting on board. Good thing hardcore gamers are not being left behind.

himdeel2845d ago

...the Magnovox Odyssey did it first lol. Oh well evrything for the most part is a upgrade of another product. To say anything is a copy is a short-sighted and ignorant comment on Miyamotos part.

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dizzleK2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

give all the cartridges and analog controllers back to atari, your disc format back to sony, the ds design back to tiger electronics and your light guns back to magnavox. you may have been first to market this time but if you look back at the history of gaming nintendo has created jack shit, they're the biggest copycats going.

scrap it all and invent something totally by yourselves shiggy, atari completely provided your blueprint and you've built a career ripping off other peoples ideas.

google atari 2600, atari 5200 controller, tigers and magnavox odyssey if you doubt me. even the balance board is a rip off of a 2600 peripheral called the "joyboard".


oops nintendo, i just found this-

Two and a half decades before Nintendo came on the scene with the Wii, video game developers DataSoft Inc. tried their hand at creating the world's first motion sensitive video game controller.


shiggy, shut up. to paraphrase south park "atari did it! atari did it!" do not eff with somebody who still has a grasp of gaming history. :p

FanboyAttack2845d ago

Everybody copies each other. Microsoft copies everyone does its part of business.

SilverSlug2845d ago

Sony invented disc formats.

heylo2845d ago

Sony and Philips invented CD (in the 70's) and DVD (Discman)

SilverSlug2845d ago

Though the first console that I had that played CDs or disc type format was NEC's TurboGrafx-CD

poe2845d ago

Technology builds off of the improvised versions of itself in most cases. You can't blame them for being a little worried that you got MS and Sony breathing down their necks plus the Ipad.

koehler832845d ago

Oh, he wasn't talking to you. He was talking to ignorant bloggers.

And Japanese.

Mahr2845d ago

"google atari 2600, atari 5200 controller, tigers and magnavox odyssey if you doubt me. even the balance board is a rip off of a 2600 peripheral called the "joyboard"

And then what? You've managed to name a bunch of useless hunks of junk created by companies who failed to utilize them in any meaningful way and which flopped in the market because those companies could not create a compelling piece of hard- or software to save their lives.

Who cares about some nothing conceptual design that had no worthwhile games, no one wanted to play, and -- like the eight-hundred other worthless peripheral designs spat out in that era -- would have languished away in some forgotten box in some videostore basement for *another* three decades if left to stand in its own right?

ColossusReaver2845d ago

Well said
It's totally idiotic and hypocritical for someone like Miyamoto to say that his company is being copied, he acts like they were the first company ever to create a game console. Everyone's always copying each other in some ways anyway, and their idiots for pointing it out like it was their idea in the first place, it's not like Da Vinci is barking at the people who made the modern helicopter, or like Nikola Tesla is angry at all the people who have copied his ideas. It's just natural for people to do so, and only mentally unhealthy people would think otherwise. The thing that matters the most is how well it's done, sure the Move is sort of a copy on the Wii-mote (which isn't very original in itself) but it does what the Wii-mote should be able to do and it does it ten times better, Same with Natal and Eye-toy (although I think that's yet to be totally proven).

Look at the Uncharted games for god's sake they're taking influence from all kinds of areas, but does anyone do it better? Not yet! Or button-based cover systems in games, which were actually invented way before the likes of Gears Of War.

To quote Rodney King "Can't we all just get along?"

asdr3wsfas2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

"or like Nikola Tesla is angry at all the people who have copied his ideas."

Can you explain those mysterious death ray homicides?

Joking aside, Tesla hated Edison and they had a serious rivalry from when Tesla worked in his lab. Read about it. This is a horrible example.

"It's totally idiotic and hypocritical for someone like Miyamoto to say that his company is being copied, he acts like they were the first company ever to create a game console."

dpad, rumble, analog stick, touch screen, ir pointer/motion controls as standard...they do innovate heavily on controllers and inputs.

Sugreev20012845d ago

I totally agree with you,DizzleK.

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Crazyhorse2845d ago Show
Meryl2845d ago

ROFL nintendo improved upon the eytoy and now they have to say sony copied them, oh geez i hate the internet now, as for natal we all know it's an eyetoy with 3d tech, so who really copied who ninty, and thos sports games looks like the ones sony did for the ps2 eyetoy, so ninty did copy sony and not the other way around.
now that ps move is coming notice the change in his tune, ps move is a threat because it actually delivers on it's promise unlike the wiimote

Shadow Flare2845d ago

Ever heard of the eyetoy miyamoto? That did full body motion gaming before the wii did

militant072845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Did you ever hear of dreameye? that did the whole motion thing before both Wii and PS2

EDIT: nvm ,didnt Nintendo make the motion glove long time ago?

they are the first unless there is something before the glove!

Oner2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

^^^ And this is more misinformation^^^

The Dreameye is nothing more than a webcam/camera. Nothing more. Nothing Less. There was no "whole motion thing" that the Dreameye could do....If so I would like for you to PROVE it because all the information I have EVER gathered about it says/shows EXACTLY what Wikipedia has it listed as ~

And the PowerGlove is not something Nintendo invented. "The Power Glove is based on the patented technology of the VPL Dataglove, but with many modifications" - As quoted from Wiki ~

They were not the first. Please stop posting misinformation that is unsubstantiated.