Re-Loaded is the latest PSOne Classic

According to the ESRB, Re-Loaded is the latest Playstation game to be re-released on the Playstation Network.

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dizzleK2908d ago

where's loaded? re-loaded sucked.

SpaceSquirrel2908d ago

Loaded hasn't been rated by the ESRB yet for th PSP or PS3.

stevenhiggster2908d ago

I've been dying for Loaded to be released to psn, it was the first game I played on my old PS1, well that and Wipeout. I loved it, Cap'n'Hands was the man!
Reloaded will have to do for now.

-Mezzo-2908d ago

lol, i might give it a try as i never played it before.

rubixCubos2908d ago

Cap 'n' Hands FTW!!

And who remembers Fwank?!?

callahan092908d ago

I liked Loaded better, but this game was cool too. I miss this franchise. The last game to come out that was sort of like it (that I recall, anyway) was a Dreamcast launch title called Expendable. I miss games like this in general. Heh.

rmatott2908d ago

man sony suck so much on these psOne's "classics" whoever thought these are classics??? anyways i bought loaded on ebay for like 5 bucks and its still awesome. reloaded thought? meh

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