Adult Videos To Lure 3D TV Customers?

Last year, it was HD porn titles being streamed through a PS3. This year, it's 3D porn.

Sony and Panasonic declined to comment on the impact that pornography will have on 3D televisions. Though if video and the internet are any sort of indication, it will certainly help.

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dangert122937d ago

3d is to exspensive spesh here in england
guess i'll see it in the next gen

Yardie2937d ago

You are lucky, i have only got a squid or two in my piggy bank.
guess i'll see it in the next next next gen

dangert122937d ago

i'm not getting 3d lol the gaming industrie or sony on a ole is demanding to much ok maybe thre in hancing tech or improving expriences

but a ps3 the games and a full 3d set up is not cheap then add ps move
plus i have a 360 on top of that 3d is defo next gen for me

nix2937d ago

i better start saving, i guess! q:

vhero2937d ago

Porn helped VHS over Betamax. It helped Blu Ray over HD-DVD. It will help 3D you cannot deny but it's just madness!

pimpmaster2937d ago

isnt there like programs to convert videos into anaglyph 3d? that would include porn so there ya go, porn in 3d for the price of some blue/red 3d glasses.

hoops2937d ago

Actually at the hight of the HD-DVD Blu Ray battle, Porn chose HD-DVD over Blu-Ray. Porn is mostly distriuted now online

anh_duong2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

doubt it will affect 3D since porn is mostly online these days

villevalorox2937d ago

I want a 3dtv so bad :( but lol im going to get a new hdtv today, so Ill just have to slowly save up for it.

HurstDarkStar2937d ago

This will can make anything buyable, even an a broken stick can be bought if it has some nude pic's attached to it

THC CELL2937d ago

i been saving for my tv woop woop

Danni o neal off babestation in 3d=win

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The story is too old to be commented.