Dirt 3 details revealed

Codemasters is pooling its resources to ensure that the next instalment in its highly successful Dirt franchise will trump last year’s smash hit, Dirt 2.

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Faztkiller2968d ago

Great Love Dirt games but wheres my Grid2

DelbertGrady2968d ago

Hated Grid but loved Dirt 2 so this is music to my ears. I really tried to get into Grid but got frustrated by the clunky controls. Dirt 2 was also a bit iffy to get into but once you had it down playing it made you feel like a rally pro. Best rally game since Rallisport Challenge 2.

fastrez2968d ago

Agree. GRiD sat somewhere between arcade and simulation. I think ti would have worked a treat as a pure, Ridge Racer-esque arcade experience, with all the real cars and shiny graphic intact of course.

Faztkiller2968d ago

Well the thing I loved about GRID was the drifting IMO its got the funnest drifting and the derby's where fun

Dirt 2 was My Racing Game of the year that game was a beast. Did U play it for the PC in DX11? If so I bet it looked amazing It would have to it looked amazing on my PS3

Leathersoup2967d ago

I sort of agree with ya Soda. Except there was no "rally" mode. I miss WRC.

FishCake9T42968d ago

Please put Sebastian Loeb and some proper rally cars in the game. Dirt 2 was amazing you just need to break away from the whole "Radical" thing and put some proper WRC and IRC cars in the game.

kraze072968d ago

It's the other way around for me. I couldn't get into Dirt 2, but I loved GRID. Especially the drifting and touge battles.

ultramoot2968d ago

Already? Don't you guys have a little something called F1 2010 to finish? Don't butcher it like you did FUEL.

fastrez2967d ago

Codemasters didn't develop Fuel, they published it

Kingdom Come2968d ago

Please, I am hoping this series doesn't start getting Milked. It deserves more...

JohnnyAkiba2968d ago

I want tessellation on the ground!

dreamoner2967d ago

where is grid 2? I loved grid.. dirt2 was too much menus and too less racing.. I want grid 2!!!

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