Forget motion – 3D to dominate E3

MCV writes: "Natal and Move may be highly anticipated, but publishers have told MCV they are gambling on 3D to wow the world at this month’s E3.

Nintendo will reveal its 3D handheld at the LA-based event, Sony will showcase a vast line-up of 3D titles including Gran Turismo 5, while MCV expects at least three major publishers to lift the lid on blockbuster 3D projects."

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Faztkiller2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

I think there's going to be a lot of both witch is fine as long that's not all they focus on

vhero2940d ago

I think 3D has a bigger future than motion as for the hear and now I honestly don't now. So as for dominating I can't see it unless Sony do something special as MS is not bothering.. Then again if Ninty do show off the new DS3D then it really could be the talking point of E3.


Show us 'now' not 'to be'.
3D is still outside looking in,its interesting but nothing else.yet.
Anyone believe the nextbox stuff?

baraka0072940d ago

With motion though you can see a video and know if it's for you. The trouble is that the only way to know if you like 3D, is to use it yourself. I think giving everyone the chance to try it, just to see if it's their thing, will be the hardest part for Sony to bring 3D to the mainstream.

vhero2940d ago

Indeed basic 3D isn't hard to do as you can include glasses with games AKA batman GOTY edition however thats not the 3D Sony and ninty are going for they are going for the same type we see in modern day cinemas and that is expensive.

Faztkiller2940d ago

I agree that going to be a problem.

I've seen Avatar and other 3d movies they where Ok but before I pay $2000+ for a TV I need to know If I even Like to play in 3d and the only way to do that is to buy a TV


i agree, i didnt thinks much of the avatar 3d effects but have gone to a store demo to see 3dtv playing monsters vs aleins and can say the effect is brilliant, better then cinema and as long as enought games are confirmed 3d then i will get a 3dtv just for gaming.

Apocalypse Shadow2940d ago

is that you can see a STRATEGY with may not have seen it or believed in their direction(non sony fans).but you can see a CLEAR pattern.

push the cell processor that decodes HD content.

push bluray as an HD media format and place it in ps3 and make it standard with ps3.

both work together to create the highest standard HD videogames on the market.

push 3D as the next level of content immersion in movie theaters.release concept videos of 3D games at CES for ps3.

create accurate motion controls for HD content for videogames.

ready 3D games and 3D movie firmwares for ps3.

clear pattern that is step is pairing motion controls with 3D to not only create immersion,but put YOU in the game as the next level of computer entertainment.not one of sony's pushes have failed.

cell processor,bluray and award winning games have all succeeded.2 more to go and sony would have done exactly what they wanted to do besides deliver content over a broadband connection.

too bad they won't be able to deliver motion controls and 3D over remote play throughout the world.that would have just destroyed the competition on innovation.