F.E.A.R 3 Q&A: Ernest Zamora

NowGamer speaks to Warner Bros.' Ernest Zamora about F.E.A.R. 3 co-op, the horror, plot and of course, the ever-present Alma.

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trancefreak2964d ago

I really dont have any Idea were this franchise is going. I really liked the first game I played in 1 sitting all nite in the dark and it was a good scare.

I recall playing as point man in the first and some other dude in the 2nd and now i can co op with the original point man alonside fettal the guy i was looking to nab in the first game. The 2nd game i thought suked compared to the original. was very lackluster and boring IMO.

I liked the expansion extraction point it seemed to go with the original fears after events better but the story seems to be really confusing since then lol.

Ill still play thye 3rd installment and maybe it will all make since then but I think the game just needs alot more story dialgoue then just killing random super soldiers all the time and the typical parnormal encounters that pop at you while you advance threw the game that suk you towards alma swinging from a tree or the advance awarness of evil around you then disappearing.

Hope I made some sense on my thoughts of the trilogy