3D Gaming Impressions: Xbox 360 and LG 3D TV hands-on

Hands-on impressions of the new LG 3D LED TV, as well as a look at 3D Gaming as a future technology for console gaming.

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Strange_Evil3000d ago

If a 3D chip in the TV could produce such results, just imagine a PS3 working native 3D games!!!

I can't wait to see KZ3 and GT5 in native 3D.

mittwaffen3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Their basically computers inside, 3D is 3D.
Personally its better if the tv does this, as consoles are pushed to their limits and 3D will only hamper performance, visuals.

3D inbeded in TV's is the better method for overall usage, i'm not a fan of this 3D buzz I still think it will blow over.

Glasses to watch TV? Sorry, theres a reason people get Contact Lenses, they hate them!

Strange_Evil3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Dude, there is a massive difference between a TV producing 3D for you and a games console or PC producing 3D... For 1, the game is designed to be in 3D for the PS3. The number 1 reason a 3D chip in the TV causes problem is not cause it can't render properly, but the problem lies in the fact that the game wasn't designed to work in 3D....

The best example is take any shooter and then use this 3D chip to view it in 3D..... You will get a feeling of 3D, but as the thing wasn't designed to be in 3D, crosshairs sometimes won't line up (which is the number 1 problem addressed in KZ3 as per developer commentary), the surfaces won't seem properly overlapping sometimes (due to improper 'clipping') and the text seem horrible to read as the HUD might be on your face popping out.....

If devs could leave it to the TV to render 3D, then none of the devs would care to optimize, but the PS3 devs have to optimize the game inorder to work which is enough proof that sole TVs can't be used to produce the perfect 3D effect.

mittwaffen3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Dont even compair a console processing 3D to a computer. Its not even the same ballpark.

Consoles are more similar to TV's as they have huge limitations, Console games run at <30FPS and if you know how the 'real' 3D system works, It needs to render the same frame for each eye; effectively cutting frames in half, or even more.

The consoles are not doing this kind of 3D as its impossible with hardware limitations and making the game run/look as good as it was.
They are doing a lower form of 3D not to different from TV's today.

TheXgamerLive3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

just messin, but in all seriousness, 3D gaming if done "exactly" right could be great, however if not done perfectly it could be a major headache. so I'm not sold yet. Myself as well as others i'm sure would like some hands on first. maybe start with some arcade gaming on live and psn and let us try 3D out.

also many DLP TV's have been 3D compatible for the last 12 to 15 months now.

whitesoxfalife3000d ago

although i have a 73 inch from mitsu i have yet to get me some glasses so i can play my 360 games