The Worst Video Games of All Time

UGO: The 102 worst games ever created. (Because 100 just wasn't enough.)

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Apolloeye2968d ago

54 is a good place for that game. Big Rigs is there but what about Big Rigs 2, a far worse game and plus they didn't learn from the first time...?

Also I didn't see Action Girlz Racing (wii), A-Train HX (360) and Deadly Premonition.

UnSelf2967d ago

all i know is Rag doll kung fu better be top 5

really a fighting game in which u use a motion control that only sports 6 degrees of control on a 2-d screen, feature?

Blacktric2967d ago

Mah boi. This is what all true warriors strive for!

URIELXIV2967d ago

I wonder what's for DINNER

Danteh2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )


ATLRoAcH2968d ago

I actually really enjoyed that Micheal Jordan game. Me and my friends use to play Friday the 13th when we were kids.

N4GAddict2967d ago

I liked a lot of games that are considered bad. Lair for instance.

ClownBelt2968d ago

" Hannah Montana: The Movie: The Game"

BS! lol

N4GAddict2967d ago

"Irritating Stick is irritating" Couldn't say it better myself.

PS360_372967d ago

I just can't believe that they charged $199 for Action 52. That's ridiculous.

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The story is too old to be commented.