GT5: Pure Gameplay

A brand new video of Gran Turismo 5 shows Dodge Viper ACR on Nürburgring.

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theunleashed643031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

man why can't life be this beautiful?

GreenRingOfLife3031d ago ShowReplies(3)
Redrum0593031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Bungie, is that you??? We've missed you old buddy old pal.

KiRBY30003031d ago

he had a similar avatar (the crazy face) on one of his previous alternate bungie accounts. lol

he's also stealth trolling a lot of news full force just like the good old days. i guess he escaped from the hospital or something.

Claudinho693030d ago

lol at his idol bungie, making games for ps3 now

Heisenberg3030d ago

Miss him that is.

But anyway, so GT5 is looking fücking outrageously real. The cockpit view looks so good, this blows literally every previous racing sim out of the water. Now just RELEASE THE BEAST!

anticooper3030d ago

thats bungie,i can tell by all his bla bla yada yada yada and some more bla bla bla, he is a funny guy that bungie:-)
on topic: gt5 is going to be freaking amazing! forza3 was a great driving game, but gt5 is going to take the crown, the king is back no doubt PEACE:-)

QSPR3030d ago

WELCOME Back!!! we miss you a lot......... :S not!

klado3030d ago

Poor sht on that Greenring of etc...

I think this picture says it right.

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dangert123031d ago

this game was souly the rason i got a ps3 can't wait

irepbtown3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Lol, just about Forza 3s level, The GT5 trail WAS forza 3s level (just no damage in the trail). Imagine the full game...
I cant say anymore.

MisterNiwa3030d ago

It is Forza Motorsport 6's Level

MNicholas3030d ago

but there's a glitch in rendering the shadow under the car.

Crazyglues3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

If you are a GT5p player one thing you may have noticed right away, as I did is the sense of speed (and by that for the people who don't understand what I mean, it just means how well the game make you feel like your going that fast)

- You may have also notice that when he hit into that Corvette he was able to spin it out, something you could not really do in GT5p, as the game didn't really register hits properly.. something tells me they are close to adding damage and better collision to the final build, because in the video when you see him spin out that car he hits..

in GT5p from spec II to spec III (the updates) there was a big increase in the sense of speed - but now it seems as if they have really nailed it... This is a huge increase..

From watching the video it looks like you are really going fast into those corners, and that's amazing -I can't wait to play this

Spec III had so much improvements it actually made GT5p worth it's money and to now see that they have gone back and seriously tweaked and improved the game to this level is just amazing... Can't wait

This game is going to be Amazing and once again be a system seller for Sony -As a super Racing fan the wait has been killing me, but wow, if this is an example of the finish product, I am just too excited.


Dlacy13g3030d ago

I get you are pumped for the game...but life is that beautiful and more. Sorry to burst your bubble...while the game is great looking...NOTHING beats actually getting behind the wheel and whipping around a track.

sikbeta3030d ago

GT5 will be So Amazing, God, i can't wait to Play it in the Full Glory of 3D...

Strikepackage Bravo3030d ago

because when I look at GT5 footage it looks like real life as seen via a TV screen. The slightly dulled colors, the camera angles, even the lighting all look the way a race looks when your watching it on TV.

Forza M3 goes for a "at the races" look, it looks like a race looks when you are actually there in person. The colors have more pop, the light is more glaring. Besides those differences both games look equally awesome, just look at a few side by sides on youtube. Anyone saying one blows the other away is just being a fanboy.

The Maxx3030d ago

I have and am a HUGE Forza 3 supporter. But GT5 is a graphically superior game there is no doubt about it. Ofcourse it's been in development of almost over 5 years as well as it stands, the damage physics are limited to certain cars and certain components. It is still lagging in the total damage mechanical and physical department.

But GT5 does kick some serious butt visually. Day 1 purchase for me.

NYPunk883030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

It's is! Leave the dungeon every now and then and you'd see it. lol

I have a buttload of games to get in the coming months. Need to get a second job. :P

klado3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Wrong post...

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stonecold13031d ago

hopefully we will hear more about this geme release at the e3

Faztkiller3031d ago

I'm in love with is game