Advice on Scoring With the Ladies From Video Game Characters

"Video games are awesome, but you know what’s better? Having a t-shirt of yourself giving the thumbs up and wearing it 6 days of the week (you’ve got to wash it once you know). Something else male gamers as simple-minded as myself tend to enjoy is another aspect of life aside from our virtual entertainment, and that’s the enigmatic and sometimes intimidating female creatures. Everyone has their own distinctive way of approaching the opposite gender. Like me for instance, I like to let them know that I am royalty on another planet and my favorite food is red. This tactic has a 2% success rate based on statistics I made up because whenever I actually see a girl I tend to grunt like monkey and sprint in the opposite direction..."

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JustSkylarkin3031d ago

Aside from the disappointing advice from Mr Fenix, I enjoyed learning a few tips from the fellas.

Although surely Cloud should talk more about his cross-dressing experiences helping him get in touch with his "feminine" side? ;]

Meryl3031d ago

lol it's rubbish, i would not date a winging cross dressing fool, i like strong, funny and intelligent men, to me personality>>looks, also if they have a charm that's always good, personally i would only be interested in mr drake out of all those choices.
my ideal real man must also love ps3, not x360, otherwise i expect you to be ape like which is not attractive at all.