Confirmation that Jaffe is Probably Making Twisted Metal

Mucu from writes, "I know, I Know. This whole David Jaffe/Twisted Metal thing is certainly getting old, but a recent tweet suggest that Jaffe is really making a Twisted Metal game. Check out this tweet:"

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theunleashed642939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

hmm interesting?

edit: yeah read it very interesting

Mucudadada2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Obviously, someone failed to read the rest of the article. I discuss how it could be something else at the end.

Edit: Ok, you changed your comment, lol

Mucudadada2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

It was a joke... I was making fun of the entire situation.

Edit: Haha, thanks. It really is getting ridiculous. I thought about even putting maybe int he title.

RememberThe3572939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

You really would need any use for this other then a car combat game.

Haha that damn edit button. You went and made my comment not make sense.

Sev2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

I've got a great idea as to what it might be. Let's just say him and another well-known dev talent switched PS franchises. So everyone's looking in the wrong place for each of these devs' games.

BTW - that's just speculation, not at all a fact. I very well could be wrong.

Kleptic2939d ago

Vigilante 8? haha i don't remember who even made that game, but it was pretty awesome too...

cLiCK_sLiCK92939d ago

Whatever he is making, im sure it wont disappoint. After all, he did create God of War and Twisted Metal. This game is in good hands. =]

ProA0072939d ago

the dude is good and all but let's not tread him as a god for every thing he touches. Have you forgotten he was the one behind that debacle of a game, Calling All Cars?

Kleptic2939d ago

CAC wasn't that bad...just small, and overpriced for being so small...but it was fun imo, great game with 3 other friends after a night of drinking too much barley soda...even the most inebriated of individuals could easily play it...

Rock Bottom2939d ago

Logic error?!!! These articles keep getting more and more retarded, N4G before E3 is a sad place.

tplarkin72939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Why would everyone assume it's a AAA title when his last title was Calling All Cars?

It's obvious that Jaffe is not a hard working AAA developer. He's a John Romero. He takes credit for a game that fell on his lap. The team does all the work while he schmoozes the media. The team gets sick of hearing his voice and then tells him to take a hike.

There's no "work" in "Eat Sleep Play". (But, we know that he's mean to his employees when they don't work to his satisfaction. Jaffe said this himself.)

jjohan352939d ago

dude lay off the poor guy's tweeter site.

XactGamer2939d ago

I think Jaffe is screwing with people and will have something at E3. It's funny I both like and hate Jaffe at the same time. He is a genius at game design but you just want to put some duct tape around his mouth.

gamelova2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

As the mastermind behind Twisted Metal Black and God of War, Jaffe will succeed, whatever he is making, I am sure it will blow us away. Twisted Metal Black was a special game for me. It was the first PS2 game that blew me away, it was the earliest PS2 killer app, and I was amazed on so many levels. I wish Jaffe is making a TMB sequel, but hell, it doesn't matter, it could be the start of a glorious new IP of the same quality as God of War. I have faith in whatever he is doing. I can't wait till E3

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RememberThe3572939d ago

I'd bet that it's exactly what Jaffe has hinted at and it's a reboot of the series. I think he realizes how disappointed Twisted Metal fans would be if he teased all this stuff and came out with a completely different type of game.

Szarky2939d ago

"Confirmation" and "probably" should never be in the same sentence. It's cofirmed or it's not.

Mucudadada2939d ago

Haha, I agree. I did it on purpose to show how kind of ridiculous the situation is.

Bathyj2939d ago

You saved me writing a post. You literally said word for word what I was going to say. Have a bubble.

Of course I had to write a post anyway to tell you, you saved me writing a post so really all you did was steal my thoughts, and take credit for them.

You can still have the bubble.

colonel1792939d ago

I wrote the same thing without reading the comments first..

Logic FAIL :P

Faztkiller2939d ago

If he's not making TM he's really wanting to make one in the future

knight6262939d ago

idk what he is making but i cant wait for him to reveal his game to us

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