Possible Sony E3 Megaton: Thief 4 Announcement For PS3 Imminent?

Ironstar: "The Thief series is commonly known by PC gamers; this stealth action series seen the light of day with the release of the first title Thief: The Dark Project, which also happened to be the same year the original Metal Gear Solid title released on PS1."

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captain-obvious3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

i dont know nothing about this game but i did saw some youtube gameplay footage of the first game in the series (Dark Project)

it got alot of great concepts but the AI looked kinda Dumb
as a stealth gaming fan
i hope that this is true and i got my eye on this game

beardpapa3030d ago

the 3rd game ended the trilogy but the child in the ending insinuated that he'd become the new thief, similar to how the thief in the series became one. If there's a new thief ... it'd probably be based off that kid, but then again, a whole lot went into shambles in that 3rd game.

Conloles3030d ago

Yeah wishful thinking, ironstarmovement you can tell its not gonna be true.

The Tingler3030d ago

The first two games are superb, mainly in terms of story, world and your ability to explore (most stealth games are painfully linear) but you're right - they have aged a lot by now.

You should try the third game, Thief: Deadly Shadows. That still looks pretty good and still retains a lot of the things that make the series my favourite gaming franchise. It's worth playing just for the Shalebridge Cradle level, one of the creepiest in gaming.

You certainly can't call yourself a stealth fan without trying Thief properly! :) If 4 manages to carry on the series well and keeps Garrett as the main character I'll be very happy indeed.

beardpapa3030d ago

Lol I remember going up those stairs. I showed my cousin a YouTube vid of that and he was like, "that's scary?"

Sure it doesnt seem scary nowadays but six years ago it was pretty darn creepy

The Tingler3030d ago

Ahh, you absolutely have to PLAY the Cradle, you can't watch it. It's one of the best examples of games as a proper interactive medium - you're involved, you know what the place is like, how vulnerable Garrett is, and you call the shots about what happens. It's still scary now - if you actually play it!

On the other hand maybe your cousin only gets scared by Saw and other s*** like that. :)

Legosz3030d ago

I agree, I loved Theif when it came out, hopefully Theif 4 comes out as a PS3 exclusive so it can truely use the PS3's potential.

XactGamer3030d ago

IMO Thief is the best stealth series ever made with MG and Splinter Cell coming after. The next Thief will be PC, PS3 and 360 but any true Thief fan will get it on PC.

LtSkittles3030d ago

Oh, I really hope Sony delivers at E3, not just about this, but everything in general, and hope they have some big surprises.

Raoh3030d ago

its an eidos title... so not exclusive

Pandamobile3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Unless something has changed, it is set to be a PC exclusive. (I think)

TheIneffableBob3030d ago

I doubt it's PC exclusive. Let's just hope it has PC-type gameplay.

XactGamer3030d ago

I don't think Thief will be exclusive to any platform but will be far far superior on PC.

sid4gamerfreak3030d ago

@Pandamobile: I hope theif 4 is pc exclusive. If its not, its still ok, the PC version will be superior

ProjectVulcan3030d ago

I doubt it will be Pc exclusive. Deus ex 3 is multi, i dont see why this wouldnt be either. I dont see the news in this, i always saw it as a multi plat title ever since deus ex was confirmed as one

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Raoh3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

well i cant see sony tweeting a game close to e3 that wont appear on their console

and pretty much everything is going multiplatform, anything that is not locked in a first or second party deal is going multi

RememberThe3573030d ago

Like Roah said there is really not other reason for Sony to tweet this. Way would they push a game that isn't going to make them money?

Raf1k13030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

I can't see them making it exclusive to console since the vast majority of its fanbase are PC gamers. I am actually expecting it to be a multi-platform game though.

BakedGoods3030d ago

Wasn't 'Deadly Shadows' an XBOX exclusive?

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Xi3030d ago

I fully expect thi4f to be on 360 and ps3 as well as PC.

SDF Repellent3030d ago

wow..Thief is a good series, but I can care less if it is either PS3 or X360 exclusive.

ElementX3030d ago

The correct phrase is "couldn't care less"

Raf1k13030d ago

You're right that's how it is but a lot of people say it that way on here and you'd be the first to bother correcting them.

GameOn3030d ago

Ive seen people try to correct people for that mistake and it turn into a huge argument, Only on N4G.

"could care less" is WRONG.

ElementX3030d ago

Slow news day, what can I say?

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