Hulu on Xbox 360 Exists, but Tied Up by Rights Issues

Rumors are spreading around the Internet that Microsoft is planning to announce a Hulu application for the Xbox 360 as one of their big E3 surprises. While we can't confirm whether that'll actually happen, here's what we can confirm: a Hulu application for the Xbox 360 definitely exists. A source close to Microsoft told 1UP that Microsoft does have the software for a Hulu application on the 360 fully up and running -- the only thing holding them back now are rights issues to Hulu programming.

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dizzleK3001d ago

awesome, paying for things that are free everywhere else. it's the ms way! but somehow it'll be held up as an example of xbl superiority in this bizarro world we live in.

ClownBelt3001d ago

" but somehow it'll be held up as an example of xbl superiority in this bizarro world we live in"

Somehow, I can already see that happening like what happened to Facebook. Lmao

DMason3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

I dont think you get it. Yes, Facebook isnt a huge deal but its all about integration into your gaming machine. When you're playing a game, and dont feel like getting up to check your Facebook page, you're able to do it on Xbox Live. And the interface is really nice.

Hulu on the other hand is a great idea. Personally (and Im sure many others agree) I dont like watching stuff on my laptop or computer. This way everyone can watch shows without hovering around a computer. No one is making you pay for it, all they're doing is adding to the service. How does that inconvenience anyone?

People pay for Xbox Live already, and this is why they pay for it. It doesnt seem like a lot, but individually the conveniences all add up. If you dont like it, dont pay for it. But for me, I could see eliminating my cable bill altogether with Hulu, Netflix, and a Media Server.

Godmars2903001d ago

And still there's the issue of PS3s being blocked from receiving it because they had free access. How that and its Facebook or Twitter and Youtube get discounted.

Megaton3001d ago

The 360 FaceBook thing sucks. It's extremely limited. Can't visit links, view videos, use FB apps. Pretty much just look at pictures and comment on things.

Won't speak to the Twitter app, since I hate Twitter. Every time someone says "tweet" in regard to Twitter a little part of me dies inside.

Hulu... whatever. I use Netflix. Whatever isn't on Netflix, I get elsewhere. I don't think I've even used Hulu before. A YouTube app would be an infinitely smarter choice.

mrv3213001d ago

'first facebook
then twitter
then netflix
and now hulu
and soon natal '

What about games? You know seeing as it's a gaming console I'm personally not very excited for Hulu or all these apps seeing as EVERY console currently on the market ( except the PS2 ) has an internet browser, EVEN THE DREAMCAST HAD ONE!

Adrela3001d ago

@mrv321; Just because almost every game console has an internet browser, doesn't mean that the 360 should get one. I hate using the internet on my Wii and on my friends PS3's. It's incredibly slow and sometimes it'll freeze.
All of the applications that Live now has like Facebook, Twitter, Zune used to be limited on what you can do. Now, you can do a lot more, but you just can't browse the internet. I like the organized dashboard of Facebook rather than the zoomed out page.

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knight6263001d ago

funny how we Americans pay for stuff that is free it never gets old o well here you go microsoft here is my money now give me hulu

FlameBaitGod3001d ago


vhero3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

You can access nearly every website on the web including video stream sites similar to hulu with ps3 and people get excited about hulu on 360. Something that should be available to free users as lets be fair its a free service to Americans and there is talk about bringing it to UK right now. MS will probably make this announcement and people will be like wow Hulu on 360 and I will be like PS3 had that ages ago!! In fact if you get tversity Pro you get Hulu integration NOW. You even get sling and other great features even on 360! You can get iplayer on 360 too even if your a silver member!

Just for a single one off payment unless you condone piracy of course like a few people on here then you can get free. The point still there if you want hulu on ps3 or 360 get it now with tversity and you NEVER have to pay MS a penny!

vhero3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Also didn't realise earlier but its obvious if they announce this where MS is concentrating on worldwide and it seems they are only concentrating on America. Netflix and Hulu?? Whereas Sony are going down the Europe and Japan route with Iplayer, Vidzone, PlayTv and that new PlayTV alternative in Japan I forget the name of but Sony didn't forget about US as they made the deal with Netflix at least. Seems MS really do have a 1 track mind when it comes to gaming and it's the US. They really don't care about the rest of the world anymore it seems. As they seem to be concentrating on 1 continent.

XactGamer3001d ago

Stop trolling Hulu is about to go pay to play for everyone and your selective mind knows this.

Wrathman3001d ago

how do you think the bbc's iplayer didnt happen on the 360?

it didnt fit the bbc's 'it should be 100% free' mantra

your already paying for live,so technically speaking,it wouldnt be free.

AliTheBrit193001d ago

How would it be paying for it?

People already pay for Xbox Live Gold, adding this wouldn't change the price, so it would be yet another free bonus like Twitter/Facebook

What are you a moron?

IdleLeeSiuLung3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Yeah paying for free things sucks, but even with a paid subscription model MS is running into licensing issues. Do you NOT think these legal issues don't cost money?

Point being, I always welcome new feature as long as it doesn't take away existing ones. I don't care if it is paid or not, because I have a choice!

If you prefer the slightly more cumbersome, but practically free option there is always Tversity and all their competitors.

Adrela3001d ago

"Point being, I always welcome new feature as long as it doesn't take away existing ones."
Can I get a list of the features the PS3 no longer has, please?

IdleLeeSiuLung3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Huh... Who said anything about PS3?

I was making a generalized comment, but since you asked the "Other OS" feature was removed from older PS3 after several assurances that it wouldn't by high ranking executives.

I don't consider BC a feature removal as it didn't affect older units, only newer units after the marketing was pulled. Can't say the same about "Other OS".

Either way, it is a mute point as it isn't what I'm discussing. If whoever adds feature and wants to charge for it, that is their choice and I have choice not to use/pay for it! As long as there is another competitor, I'm free to choose somebody else if it bothers me that much!!!

The Maxx3001d ago

I already pay for xbox live, so anything that they add to increase the value for what I pay is a bonus. I see the haters are once again out in full force.

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KionicWarlord2223001d ago

"For those who aren't familiar, Hulu allows users to view tons of television shows and movies -- both new and old -- through online streaming, with programming coming from NBC, ABC, FOX, and many other networks. Microsoft's problem with getting the service on the Xbox 360 is that a lot of these networks haven't been willing to make their programming available to watch on televisions as well as computers."

Guess that would stop hulu from being ps3 or xbox 360 .

If there`s a paid service for consoles that has more features then the regular hulu i would probably get it .

DMason3001d ago

I dont get why they wouldnt want the shows watched on TV's. Comcast's OnDemand service lets you watch shows for free, so I would think a subscription based model would be more appealing.

commodore643001d ago

The problem with Hulu is that it is NA only.
If your IP is from anywhere else, then Hulu will block access.

Of course, on PC that is easy to circumvent.
Console would be more difficult...

XactGamer3001d ago

I used to pay $70 a month for basic cable and $40 more for internet. Hulu and Netflix have replaced that with just $8.99 a month for Neflix and free for now Hulu. Even when they charge for Hulu it will still be $50 cheaper than basic cable. I'm fortunate enough to have 12mbps DSL in my area for $35 a month so I switched. By choosing these options I saved over $600 a year for the same HD content I had with cable.

Godmars2903001d ago

Have to guess the one thing that might stop this would be, that with Netflix, much of Hulu's content is owned by Sony.

whitesoxfalife3001d ago

hulu on 360 sounds good ima wait for E3 to see how they gonna do this... it would be fuck'd up if we have to pay for hulu even tho i dont use hulu on my pc still an nice addition to an great xboxlive service

Fishy Fingers3001d ago

Hili is great, but I have to jump through loops just to watch anything (outside the US) so rarely do I bother with it, but would be a nice feature if your in the US.

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