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"The HD, side-scrolling PlayStation 3 shooter Soldner X: Himmelsstrumer is not only difficult to say but somewhat difficult to play as well. Soldner X revisited the classic days of video gaming with a homage to the R-Types and Gradius’ of yesteryear. SideQuest is going back for more with Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype. The game has finally landed on the PlayStation Network, but does it really deliver? Is the hype justified? Let’s find out."

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user94220773036d ago

Great score. Bit too difficult imo

doctorstrange3036d ago

It looks pretty difficult to play, but the game looks quite fun

NJShadow3036d ago

You'd be surprised how forgiving it is considering it's not a one-hit death experience like other arcade side-scrollers of its kind.