11mins Of New Natal Footage

Ironstar: "Project Natal was displayed during the D8 conference. Microsoft's motion sensing camera will certainly be the talk of E3, as it will compete with Sony's perspective of motion gaming, PlayStation Move."

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cool cole3032d ago

I find it funny how the Xbox girl keeps going on about the Xbox and its games and whatever else, and the other lady is like "K we don't care about that".

krisq3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

...doing presentation about Natal? Now I'm worried as a gamer :/.

ThanatosDMC3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

It's gonna be flooded with wii-like games and probably PS Move too... unless there's some sort of quality control.

GrooveChampion3031d ago

Are you worried because women shouldn't be around videogames? :P
Or are you worried because of how Microsoft is positioning Natal?

mikeslemonade3031d ago

The woman should slim down a bit. She would be diggity!

CoxMulder3031d ago

Dang!! That must've been the most boring video on N4G ever..

I demand 11 minutes of my life back!!

capital1player3031d ago

come on...i dont wanna play no FU(k!ng soccer in a video game, i can go outside and do that! what i wanna play is some nice shooters like call of duty or battlefield..not some retarded childish games!!!

smoothdude3031d ago

Wow, 9 minutes of talking and less than 2 minutes of Natal. I can't believe how boring this is.

zeeshan3031d ago

Did anyone else notice how the M$ rep asked the dude to move away? How she had absolutely NO answer to a simple question (what if everybody started to scream) and how BADLY it kept lagging? I mean OH MY GOD! How old is this footage? If it's a recent one then I can safely say that M$ has a product that has FAIL written all over it!

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ThatCanadianGuy3032d ago

WTF kind of video player is that? Could barely see anything.
Anyways, pretty lame footage.The kid wasn't into it at all and the women just looked awkward..

Narutone663032d ago

the Jedi mind control are praising it to high heavens.

RXL3032d ago

i have absolutely no interest in this or Playstation's Move...

nothing eithier of them have shown has made me sit up and take notice..

you come out with motion controls/tracking and you're churning shit out worse than the Wii?..

ill eat my words if they start showing some decent to good games but until then..this shit still looks blah

RememberThe3573032d ago

We still haven't seen much of Natal lately but I don't see how this could be fun at all. I'm hoping that MS changes my mind at E3.

dtalon33032d ago

yes if "NEW" is taking someone else's Idea and just making it more precise is your idea of "NEW" then yeah there will be a lot more precise waggle gaming going on.

Desecron3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

New? There was this console called the Wii, launched in 2006, sold 70+ million units. It was pretty big, I'm surprised you missed it.

Blackdeath_6633032d ago

move only showed us sccom4 which might be interesting, i like how playstation dont promise you anything so u dont get disapointed whereas natal they promised to get rid of controllers well... they have a big task on their hands cus i aint lettin go of my controller.

headwing453032d ago

Motion controls have a lot more potential on the PS3 then it did on the Wii. It can take advantage of all the shooters and other games (like LBP2) that the Wii wouldn't be able to do. I'm looking forward to playing MW2 and Socom 4 with the move. However, there isn't much games I'd want to use the Wiimote on the Wii. Not to mention that Sony has done a great jobs proving how accurate it is.

Ju3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Move showed us (and Guerilla) Socom4. Move showed us Move Party (Archery, Table Tennis, and a couple of other games). Move showed us boxing, Lights Out. Move showed us to play with a pet, EyePet. Move showed some tech demos (that "Minority Report" video).

And Natal showed us ... ta ta ... kicking some balls.

We will see, what that means, literally, at E3. ...

And anybody who says there is no lag is blind. That arm moved 500-1000ms later in that video when that lady moved her arm to calibrate the thing. In a video with normal speed, not slowed down. ... wow.

CJJA3031d ago

move isnt a wii controller idiots.more,way more precise, better looking titles. just because it looks like it doesnt mean it is. theres only so many ways u can design a controller. u could say the xbox an ps3 controller look the same. cause the overall shape is the same. does tht mean there copying? NO.

Mista T3031d ago

if Nintendo does it first, Sony can do it better, member the analog stick? will Sony did it better

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RedDevils3032d ago

I probably have more fun playing football then waving my arms like an idiot :P

Anon19743032d ago

These types of webcam games have been around for a decade, and they're amusing for all of 30 seconds. Who on earth is going to buy this? If they want their kids active in front of the screen, get a Wii. It's cheaper and it has Mario. As for the rest of the gaming world, the average gamer age is well into his 30's. You really think 20 to 30 something gamers are suddenly going to start shelling out to bounce around their living rooms, waving at their tv screen.

I just don't see how this could possibly succeed.

Biggest3032d ago

If they want their kids active they won't buy them video games to provide the activity. Motion control gaming is a way for non-gamers to get into games. It doesn't get you into shape. It doesn't increase your cardiovascular capacity. You'd have more success playing "Duck, Duck, Goose."

feelintheflow3032d ago

Care to wager on whether or not people buy this thing? I am 37 and will be buying it, I have a wii, and love party games for it. I will also get move because it looks to add a lot to hardcore games. There is a place in gaming for this.

Anon19743031d ago

Analysts have been saying that Natal would add 1 billion to Microsoft's revenue. One billion! That means they're expecting 7 million of these things to just fly off the shelf.

I have no doubt that some people who like party games will pick this up, and some people who realize it's value compared to buying a Wii with multiple controllers, but I just don't see this happening.

Not to knock Natal. It's not a bad idea, but it's not being released in a vacuum. It still has the Wii to go up against and it still has Move to go up against.

The 360's a console for hardcore gamers who primarily buy it for shooters. For Natal to be successful they'll have to rope in the casuals, which means they'll have to lure them away from the Wii. When Microsoft dropped the price of the 360 below that of the Wii it caused a brief surge in sales for the 360 but didn't make a dent in Wii sales. I think the 360 is 10 times the gaming console that the Wii is, so doesn't it say something when it can't even compete head 2 head with the Wii when it's cheaper? Is slapping a camera on it for another $150 really going to be the game changer?

I just don't see it.

Sheikh Yerbouti3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Wii's market share is rock solid, while the 360's is falling. People are really underestimating the power of the reigning champ.

I hope for the success of both the Move and Natal, but I don't see either dethroning the $200 Wii. Not to mention that it already has hundred of casual games cheaper than current 360 games. Now if the $149 previously mentioned includes the cost of an Arcade, it's on!

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