Koku Gamer: Split/Second Review

Koku writes: "Split/Second Velocity is the new arcade style racer from Blackrock Studios and it is a game unto itself. Split/Second is presented like a TV show where racers compete through constructed race tracks with the ability to foil other racers with power plays. While the initial look and the ability to ‘takedown’ other racers is present, this is far from Criterion’s loved franchise."

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cain1412884d ago

Great game but after a while it feels too scripted... I prefered Blur...

Ziriux2884d ago

Same here, Blur just has a bit more umphhh! to it you know?

elicymet2884d ago

I'm a huge non-fan of racers, but this looks like NFS meets Uncharted.

Ziriux2884d ago

Never heard of such a odd combo before, but if that's how you feel I can change that.

Jrlibrarian2884d ago

I haven't gotten around to picking it up yet, but I loved the review at PAX last year. As soon as the price drops, I will pick this up as soon as I can.

Ziriux2884d ago

Yea, a price drop would suffice, it's not worth a $60 price tag.

ConnorSmith2884d ago

Man, loved the game itself, but the TV show thing was wayyyy to corny for me. The "power play" stuff was fun though!