IGN: Editorial: BioShock 3 - Why 2K Should Wait

Given that Take-Two Interactive chairman, Strauss Zelnick, confirmed the plans for as many as five sequels to the original BioShock on a company call back in 2008, IGN has their concerns that Rapture and its residents may outstay their welcome – and cheapen the reputation of the franchise. This is why IGN's general thinking is this: you don't want the next BioShock yet. No matter what your gut tells you, you know better. It's too soon. Here's why.

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dizzleK3002d ago

good article.

personally i think part 2 closed the book on the entire series and nothing will bring me back for a 3rd. all i thought about while playing part 2 was how utterly unnecessary it felt. i know it's a money maker but the bioshock i.p. really is a one trick pony.

Jrlibrarian3002d ago

I agree, especially because they originally hoped to have many more sequels to come. Maybe they will decide that it was a bad idea and just stop at two.

spektical3002d ago

im up for another bioshock, but i wouldnt want to see it until 2 years down the road. Hopefully, more features will be implemented.. i felt like some of the levels in Bioshock 2 were forced.

Transporter473002d ago

they can probably do a 3rd one but who knows

Jrlibrarian3001d ago

I agree, but they still should wait a while so when the third one comes out, it will be a bigger deal. It won't be if the release is a lot closer to the second one.

chasegarcia3002d ago

I say make it for next gen consoles.

showtimefolks3002d ago

instead od using unreal 2.5 how about atleast upgrade to the latest unreal engine

and i know the setting is main thing but maybe time for a new city maybe start atthe orignal than move to new city just maybe