Bad Ads: Misrepresentation in Video Game Advertising

When it comes to video game ads, the television remains a major media outlet for showing off the latest groundbreaking titles and photorealistic graphics. Of course, our modern games have yet to reach true photorealism. Most games are rarely mistaken for “real-life” footage. The transition between a living actor and a scene from a video game is still quite jarring, as most audiences can still differentiate between the two; something about the game footage just doesn’t “look quite right.”

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jjacinto233029d ago

I've seen those commercials before and even my parents get it

MiamiACR3029d ago

At least Sony has a sense of humor, I enjoy watching their commercials.

Cevapi883029d ago

and in what sense is the sony commercial a bad ad?? actually pokes fun at this guy's argument....the fact that the graphics are so awesome that someone would mistake it for a movie...the whole point was to make people have a laugh or two

and as KB put it, we all know why its "Not An Issue" lol

lh_swe3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Because it seems like you didn't *sigh*

Briefcase Joe3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

They like the Sony ad.

Rocket Sauce3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

I don't think this is an issue. Did anyone really think Madden 06 and Dante's Inferno were going to look just like the commercials?

But, GODDAMN that Mortal Kombat 2 ad is awesome! I want a new one, right now.

dizzleK3029d ago

the biggest offender is ms, i have never seen gameplay footage in a 360 commercial. they'd rather sucker you in with "hoy meets boy!" than actually show you how unimpressive their games actually are.

knight6263029d ago

agree 360 commercials never show actual gameplay i also hated that they always at the end it says XBOX 360 and no sign of PS3 when the games are multiplatform looks like M$ is payings its way on trying to win the gaming industry

Godmars2903029d ago

Sony's just as guilty in that regard. All you on RDR is the PS3 logo for example. MS just been covering the costs for ads more is all.

Blaze9293029d ago

lmfao what 360 commercials have you all been watching? What's that? None? Because I see plenty of gameplay in these for someone who 'never' shows gameplay:

Mc Fadge3029d ago

But your first video doesn't show any gameplay, and the second only shows a tiny snippet of Rockband :P

Redrum0593029d ago

@above blaze was being sarcastic, there is no gameplay in those ads.

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NecrumSlavery3029d ago


that's cause ps3 has exclusive content.

On ads, Sony is all gameplay and that's what shows the glory, though I have to admit the ODST live action trailer was pretty friggin sweet.

Ult iMate3029d ago

Yes it was. But you don't play live action trailers, when it comes to take a controller in your hand. ))) .

XactGamer3029d ago

Yeah because the E3 KZ2 ad did such a great job at representing "real gameplay" fact is every one of these company's are guilty of it and have been for the past 25yrs.

Godmars2903029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Though are you talking about the very first trailer which was a target render that wound up being exceeded by actual gameplay, or the "bullet" spot which was a literal in-game scene dissection that followed a bullet from barrel to target?

BTW, the target render wasn't an actual commercial. Never televised, just shown at E3 generating a sh*t saying it could be done. Was.

XactGamer3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Oh, you mean CGI designed to look like gameplay? Your argument would be valid if it weren't for this fact "SCEA's Vice President, Jack Tretton, stated that the footage of Killzone 2, "is real gameplay everybody's seeing out there". I do agree that KZ2 did come out to look pretty darn good for a console game but it still didn't match the "target render".

I'm a PC whore and they even do this on PC it's just a fact of life in the gaming world. It's just the same with screen shots before the game is released are almost always bullshots. Look at the screens on the back cover of all your games, none of the games actually look that good.

I know this is N4G which always turns into a hate fest for one side of the fence but don't sink to that level by ignoring facts. I don't like any of this but I can see the whole guilty lineup and they are all there.

RememberThe3573029d ago

It 5 years ago... Move on...

ShinMaster3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Why do you care and insist so much on the subject?
You don't even play on PS3. Besides KZ2 looked better than the trailer anyways.

That was one trailer 5 years ago. Don't make me bring up the Forza games, yeah that's right.

PirateThom3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Wasn't aware Ted Price worked for Guerilla Games, which is what Jack Tretton said.

Watch the video where he was asked about it.

He specifically mentions "Ted" and the game being real time, even though the reporter mentioned Killzone 2. Anyone with sense could put 2 and 2 together and realise Tretton made a mistake... but it's easier to claim "SONY LIED OMFG!!11!"

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Inside_out3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Sony is easily the biggest scam artist this gen maybe EVER in's the super computer, 1080p, 60 FPS, 100 intelligent AI and 50 hr game play games????....what a scam...$600...They show a CGI trailer, claim the game is gonna look like that to get sales...THEN, the game doesn't even come out for 5+ years...HELLO...Fan boys trying to rewrite history...Motorstorm...that 8 days thing that got cancelled...Hmmm... I wonder why...maybe because it was a

At least M$ demo'ed Gears in front of a live audience and that game delivered in 2006...DESTROYED the competition, sent poor KZ back to the drawing board and UC had to change everything to try and match ( and failed BTW ) Gears incredible cover system mechanic and graphics...all in game and in your face....LMAO...

graemed20053029d ago

Do you get paid by microsoft to just spurt out complete BULLSHIT everyday?(because you act like it)
everyone says this site is run by ps3 fanboys, maybe there is more, but at least the ps3 fanboys have reasoning, unlike these OBSESIVE xbox 360 fanboys, cez of rage, SKCshifty, greenringoflife and cold 2000, they are ruining this site with there EXTREME xbox 360 fanboyism.

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Treezy5043029d ago

Very surprised this wonderful 360 commercial didn't make the list

villevalorox3029d ago

I don't think I have ever saw that ad. It pissed me off I know that, stupid dirty tacts M$ always uses. They just spit in millions of gamers face when they decided to use that song. Although I guess I can't be too mad, sony got the better of them with KB and the move ad.

despair3029d ago

hahaha thats funny...just looks desperate to me...and funny.

Treezy5043029d ago

yeah but at least you can "Connect" for FREE lol

Redrum0593029d ago

I remember that shady ad. Only thing MM needs to do to get back at MS is to create a trailer of only user created lvls, cuz I have played tons of funny halo, gears, and RROD lvls in LBP. Lol

PS3 it only does XBOX Exclusives.

lh_swe3029d ago

1. They just shouldn't have used the same song as LBP, I mean common guys thats just dumb and cheap!

2. An ethernet cable? Hows about not pointing out a bad point in a commercial.

3. "Connect for free" - Thats almost made me choke on my mornin' coffee.

bviperz3029d ago

But coming form a long time MS OS user, I'm not surprised.

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Sarcasm3029d ago

Halo Ads anyone?

They make it look like it's a future warzone full of terrible terrible things.

Then when you play the actual game, you shoot purple and green stuff at stupid Barney looking aliens.

Denethor_II3029d ago

If your a child those aliens are pretty scary.

Redrum0593029d ago

Scary??? Not for little kids, not when there are tons of hero powerrangers destroying them. Lol

RememberThe3573029d ago

I don't even agree with you and that's funny!

Gun_Senshi3029d ago

KB is Epic and that Uncharted commerical delivers both humour to catch the audieance and in game footage.