Koku Gamer: Alpha Protocol Review

Koku writes: "As I snuck through the military base in the Middle East, I loaded my standard issue pistol. As a new recruit, my skill with pistols was pretty poor, but I could use them well enough to get through this. Using the available cover, I wound my way through the boxes, keeping out of the watchful gaze of enemy soldiers. Suddenly, one of the soldiers seemed to fall through the floor. He sprung up into the air and landed on his feet, seemingly unaware of the physics defying act he had just committed. Worse still, he had spotted me through the solid object I was behind, and the alarm bleated out to remind me. I dived for cover, but the cover just refused to allow me to use it, and bullets riddled my torso. I flew into the air much like the soldier before me, but when I landed, it all went dark; I was dead."

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elicymet3033d ago

Great review, keep the awesome openers coming. Games with undersold potential really grind my gears.

Ziriux3033d ago

Yea, especially when like me you expect a nice espionage RPG, by a good developer.

cain1413033d ago

I'm interested in this game but not sure I'll buy it...

Ziriux3033d ago

It's not worth it poorly executed is all I can say.

morganfell3033d ago

I have it and it is some of the most idiotic design...ever. It isn't just the realism problems as regards things such as weapons - the FN 5.7 isn't a 9mm and Glock doesn't make a 5.7 and such pistols do not really cost $25,000.

It's simple idiocy such as how you influence someone affects a weapon's recoil. And no, they are not an arms dealer.

The first level, waking up in the medical ward is full of absolutely ignorant design. One of the worst games I have ever, EVER played. And the most atrocious use of the U3 engine in history. You really have to work at it to make U3 look this bland and ugly.

Ziriux3033d ago Show
Cronus31663033d ago

This one sounds neat. Maybe a gamefly.

harrisonxxi3033d ago

I have the pc version and its actually a quite decent game. Having read the review, it sounds to me like the reviewer fails at using controllers imo.

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