First NBA Elite 11 Screenshots

The Sports Game Guy has the first 3 screenshots of NBA Elite 11.

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jacksonsgames3036d ago

Kinda just looks like NBA live 10 pics.

Kevin263853036d ago

They look similar. I do think they lost some of the "shine" to them though, which is a good thing.

mikeslemonade3036d ago

Graphically looks good, but already can tell that this is hardly a sim when Dwight Howard dunks like that.

xHarvey3036d ago

Finally they got rid of that shine. I hated how every player looks like Sammy Sosa in NBA LIVE 10.

Biggest3036d ago

They may have removed the shine. But wow do those players look horrible. Is there a problem with EA in that they can't make realistic looking sports games? In Madden it's the stiff animations and the ridiculously huge heads. In Live/Elite it's the blocky players that all look like a variation of each other, wearing basketball jerseys that don't wrinkle or absorb sweat.

simplyRealistic183035d ago

Still look sh**ty, Still look Fake, no thank you i think ill be passing on Nba Games this year, 2k10 think they won everybody over because their goin to have jordan in their game, their 10 years 2 late

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Sigh3036d ago

lol at the dwight howard dunk pic. How do you knock down a guy while dunking-one handed-with-both-feet-spread-o ut like that in mid air? I really hope they changed the animations in this game, really do.

Kevin263853036d ago

They have real time physics in NBA Elite 11 just like in NHL 11. I am sure they will go more into detail about that soon.

Sigh3036d ago

we'll just have to see. Because if EA doesn't change the physics from the past Live games, then this will be doomed to suck as Live.

Blaze9293036d ago

....still looks the same?

Kevin263853036d ago

Here is a link about the real time physics:

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The story is too old to be commented.