100 hours in; MAG

100 hours in is a segment i'd like to start, and continue, where I re-review a game after i've put in a ton of time into it. This lends itself easily to online games, rpg's and fighting games, because those games usually demand that vast play time. These are reviews less of the game itself, but how it holds up after the investment of your precious minutes.

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BakedGoods3030d ago

Great idea for a segment. I'm concerned though that if a gamer is willing to play something for 100 hours they've probably formed a bias towards the game, otherwise if you didn't like it why would you play it for 100 hours?

Still though, I'd like to see how this turns out.

OutgoingSquall3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Dude mag is underated it's a gem and if I'm being bias cause I wasted alot time the game and I loved it so be it.

M-Easy3029d ago

MAG is way underrated I put in about 380 hrs on this game. Hell I'm so proud of my MAG platinum trophy the trophy image is my avatar for everything! The game is just so rewarding on many levels.

Dramscus3030d ago

100 agree with this article

ScoobyDrew3029d ago

They need to fix the GOL black bar glitch still!!!!!!

...unless they already have, i haven't been on in a while

dragonyght3030d ago

the down side its no fully supported like other mmo's its danm shame

ThanatosDMC3030d ago

MAG blows any competitive fps games.

D4RkNIKON3030d ago

In some aspects YES. The epic 256 battles are amazing fun

-Alpha3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

MAG is fun but I still prefer smaller-numbered games. I find a game of Uncharted 2 or Halo more competitive than a game of MAG simply because smaller numbers allow for more intense strategies to form and you can better predict and outwit opponents in smaller-numbered games than you can with a huge player game where you can easily die by somebody unaccountable for. In a game like UC2 or Halo I grow accustomed to certain strategies, my enemy does too, and then there's a battle of trying to outwit the other player. I don't find that in games like Resistance or MAG. In Killzone 32 player games tend to be horribly chaotic for me and I much prefer the smaller games where players seem to play with more wit. 4 on 4 in Killzone 2 Radec Academy is more intense than 32 players in Radec Academy I find.

I stopped playing MAG, the game lacked map variety mostly and I eventually grew bored of it but I enjoyed the execution and the cohesiveness of the structure. I'm still waiting for DLC announcements to lure me back in. Lately I've been sucked back into UC2 ever since the Lab playlist came out.

Dramscus3029d ago

Thats the difference between people that leave and people that stay.
I haven't found any of what you said true for myself but such things are unique for each person playing. I find I can get immense amounts of tactics and strategy in this game.
More than any other games but it's different, when your in a leadership position it's more of a strategy game strategy directing your troops.
I never like fps games but the mix of that element made this game golden for me.

-Alpha3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

I'm not saying MAG doesn't require skill or strategy, but I don't find it to be the same and I don't find myself having as much fun with these bigger-numbered games than I do with these smaller games.

In regards to MAG I assume more strategy is found through the special position roles. I'd like to go back to MAG to just that, but I've preoccupied with other games. I remember this one OIC who was took the role really seriously which was funny but also very rewarding. I admire MAG for actually promoting the teamwork and strategy, unlike something like Resistance or Killzone 2. I think with bigger number games, since you are reliant on teammates you need to play with actual friends. Communication is something that is great in MAG, but lacking in games like Resistance. My point is that bigger numbered games have their strengths and weaknesses but I ultimately prefer the smaller games hence why I disagreed with DMC's opinion that big games like MAG blows any other competitive game away. Just stating my opinion for the sake of discussion.


"Games like Halo and UC2 are just like any FPS or 3rdPS online, you go in to get as many kills possible" That's only true for Deathmatch games, even in Suppression in MAG. But in objective games, which Halo and UC2 has, it's about strategy. In fact strategy is used just as well in deathmatch games in games like UC2/Halo than in MAG. What you are saying is applicable to any competitive game. Please don't assume I'm hating on MAG, I like the game, but just disagreeing with what DMC said about it blowing all other "competitive" games away.

maka3029d ago

are just like any FPS or 3rdPS online, you go in to get as many kills possible, but MAG is diffrent strategy comes in to it, when play MAG you can tell experience players and noobs, and when you play with a great leader you pretty much owned and destroy all compitation, and you feel like an elite soldier.

ThanatosDMC3029d ago

I usually lead my clan to spawn block the enemies. We're just sacrifices to win.

MegaPowa3029d ago

Thats the funniest thing ive heard all day.

Killzone 2 looks and plays better

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