TGH: Top 20 PS2 Games That Need To Be Remastered On PS3

TGH:Many other sites have done a top 10 list of games they would like to see make it to the PS3 as part of the duel packs, or remastered collections whatever they will be coined. They are essentially double dip games with trophies. Not that theres anything wrong with that. Now as far as what has already gone down, we all have played the amazing God Of War Collection, which was one of their strongest and best timed re-releases. Upcoming is at the very least The Team Ico Collection including Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus, something that every game fan has wanted for years. Now finally we have come up with what we believe is the end all be all list of 20 games that need to be remastered for the Playstation 3. NOTE: These are in no particular order.

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Demons Souls2786d ago

On top of that, they won't bother wasting their time remastering a whole collection nor will they remaster a trilogy. They may remaster 2 games in that trilogy but not the whole thing.

HolyOrangeCows2786d ago

They forgot Shadow of the Colossus/ICO collection.

ShadyDevil2786d ago

Didn't forget as it is already coming out. Its stated Up there^^^

HolyOrangeCows2786d ago, has it been confirmed or are they assuming?

hay2785d ago

They assume it's been confirmed.

BkaY2786d ago

def jam series..

this is actually a bloody good list...

good job....


Cevapi882786d ago

tekken would be awesome....would love an MGS collection along with the 4th installment in a collectors edition

iamtehpwn2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

when I got to #1.

ShadyDevil2786d ago

It was in no particular order. So dont feel bad please.

JD_Shadow2786d ago

Why? I've played the original .hack series (didn't get to play GU yet, though), and I have to disagree with you. If you can follow the story and get why you're doing certain things, it becomes a very good game with an intriguing story and battle system.

In fact, before I saw it, my mind did suddenly think that the .hack series would very much be benefited by a remake for the PS3, since it's a four game story arc (one of the few game series I've seen do something like that by design) and being able to play all four games from one disc would be something to smile about.

taktak2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

I thought console owners didnt care about BC. Why do we have these threads every other day for older games?

Will be funny to watch console gamers buy a PS2 title for their PS3.Then again buy the same PS2 title remastered on the PS4 lol.

hay2785d ago

That would be a tad too much. Though Square will squeeze another FF and Chrono Trigger ports and remakes on future handhelds for sure...

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stonecold12786d ago

and roll on the getaway 3 all one 1 bluray disk

Cajun Chicken2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

I wish these lists will stop missing out Ratchet Deadlocked/Gladiator from PS2 Ratchet collections...grr also, I LIKED Jak X so I'd want that in my J&D collection too.

patterson2786d ago

YES! I would love to see Xenosaga remastered but alas, I know it won't happen since it was a NAMCO game created by Monolith who's now owned by Nintendo *sniffles*

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