MCV Interview: EA

MCV talks to UK boss Keith Ramsdale about taking things one title at a time: EA features used to be, mostly, about EA. Not that long ago, when the publisher’s revenues hit the eight figure mark, an MCV interview with then CEO Larry Probst was headlined ‘The Billion Dollar Man’.
Such billing would, if run today, send the firm’s senior execs and watchful trans-Atlantic PR team into apoplectic meltdown.

"Back then, of course, it seemed the obvious pitch. EA had bulked up so much and so quickly that its sheer size was (not quite literally) the elephant in the room. You couldn’t help but stare. And comment. And EA couldn’t help checking itself out in the media’s mirror now and again.
Now, though, despite the fact that it’s bigger and – in some proper, measurable ways – better than ever, size doesn’t seem to matter so much. EA has, to use daytime TV parlance, gotten over itself."

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