Nerd Society's Massive In-Depth First Look at Gears of War 3

Time has shown that 360 owners have a hunger for Gears of War; well that and over 10 million copies between the first 2 titles so far. For starters, Epic is promising that Gears 3 will blast the other two games out of the water.

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boysenberry2880d ago

I bought and own both Gears Of War games. I love Gears Of War. I can't wait until Gears Of War 3!!

TotalPS3Fanboy2880d ago

looks like a guy. I guess that's what girls looks like in Gears' world.

Double Toasted2879d ago

We know you prefer looking at guys that look like girls, lol!

PS360PCROCKS2879d ago

" Anya looks like a guy"

Looks at member name "TotalPS3Fanboy"

Yup, makes sense...don't be a hater for no reason. She reminds me of UC2 Chloe with blonde hair.

DelbertGrady2879d ago

The girls in Gears of War have higher testosterone levels than the majority of male characters in other games. Especially that Ryan Seacrest lookalike who likes to swing from vines and compliment other guys behinds(you know, a certain ladder sequence in the jungle). ;P

TotalPS3Fanboy2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

"...guys that look like girls..."

@Soda Popinsky
"The girls in Gears of War have higher testosterone levels than the majority of male characters in other games.."

I know. Compare to Anya, even the manliest guy will look like a girl.

That's how manly Anya is in Gears of War. But that makes sense, since Marcus is going to need a lot of help from her. Can't have a feminine girl running around crying like a little girl.

Greywulf2879d ago

they have lower polygons though..

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knight6262880d ago

bought both gears games and didnt like them that much so i sold them just hope gears 3 is good enough to keep

talltony2879d ago

but the first much more than the second. Imo the second was kind of pointless. gears 1 is really all you need.

XactGamer2879d ago

LOL Soda she also has bigger balls

Fishy Fingers2879d ago

First Gears was great, what I consider the first "next-gen" game. Second too was great fun but struggling to get online quickly made me move on. The third should no doubt follow suit and lessons have been learn when it comes to the online.

Good article, lot's of info in easy bite size pieces.

Inside_out2879d ago

There it is...article has been around for a while but it doesn't matter...

C'mon now...what game out there can compete with this?...WHAT?...I would love to see how they would make even one of these new weapons and implement it...they couldn't...Epic is going all out with this...The organic grenade launcher called digger travels under ground and pops out on the other side of the enemies and kills them...Lambent stalks that can pull you out from behind cover....the locust beast insane is that thing....What about the mec that you can roadie run in...LMAO....New assignations and the best yet...yep, 4 player the words of HHG...It's ova...dat sheeet is wack right dere yo...

Counter Strike2879d ago

Gears 2 problem was the online... Lets hope the solve that!

PS360PCROCKS2879d ago

Gears 1 was truly a great game for the next gen, a showpiece game. Gears 2 was Gears 1 on steroids in every way. Gears 3 should be insanely fun! I cannot WAIT to see this on my new TV. I played a lot of games (UC1, KZ2, Gears 1 and 2, Mass Effect 1, Metal Gear Solid) on my old 32" 720P Samsung and very few on my new 50" Pioneer Elite. (I'm not trying to brag I promise!) Point is I CANNOT wait to see KZ3, Gears 3 etc on my new TV, because UC2 and God Of War 3 were incredible on it.

Kingdom Come2879d ago

This games gonna be great.

XactGamer2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

"GET IT ON" I first seen Kingdom Come at the Monsters of Rock tour in 88.