4 Places Rockstar Should Set Their Next Game

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that critics and consumers alike are raving about Rockstar's Wild West epic, Red Dead Redemption. The game's success got Bitmob thinking: Now that Rockstar has worked their magic formula into open worlds set in New York, Miami, California, and the Old West, where should they set their next game?

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boysenberry2818d ago

What's a rock? J/k maybe they should set their next game, or GTA V in the future.

Proxy2818d ago

and on a spaceship too, like the Millennium Falcon.

Dramscus2818d ago

Any of those would be wicked cool.
Definitely need to break the mould up a bit

swiftshot932818d ago

Even if Rockstar's next game is in the land of poop, Ill buy it day 1.

Elvfam5112818d ago

How about setting it in the Playboy Mansion

TANUKI2818d ago

If they do a 1930's Sicilian/Italian based game, that would be great. I can look forward to Mafia 2 (I know this isn't made by Rockstar) and [potentially] this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.