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Backbreaker, despite its many flaws and poor design choices, actually does have potential thanks to the euphoria engine. The groundwork has been laid for a fine football experience (as you can tell from some of the cool-looking tackles) but the developers need to re-think some of the steps they've taken to get to this point, mainly in the core gameplay of Backbreaker. As it stands, this game feels more like a beefy Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network release searching for its identity than something that belongs on retail store shelves.

Presenation - 4.0
Graphics - 7.0
Sound - 3.0
Gameplay - 5.0
Lasting Appeal - 5.0
Overall -

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HolyOrangeCows3033d ago

Son of a-

That sucks. Madden desperately needs competition.

Cevapi883033d ago

did IGN forget that this game was made by a European actual FOOTBALL is everything they knew...i heard that they had to learn about american football before beginning development...this is why the game has this kind of set up....something similar to a soccer game....its funny how they bash the hell out of the game....yet the same game since 2005 to present from EA has been getting 7s or 8s....average scores yes, but we all know that if they didnt have the Madden name plastered all over would be getting the same scores as Backbreaker

simplyRealistic183033d ago

talk about a guy who live life through IGN, there just another site, they shouldn;t persuade you or negate you from buying any game

brianleppez3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

But I use reviews to decide whether or not to spend $60 on a game. I never really was enthusiastic about this game in the first place and this review helped me decide not to buy the game. I would rather spend it on better games.

Elven63033d ago

Well, it's not like IGN is the only site giving the game such reviews.

Reviews shouldn't decide everything but they can also be used as a basis to decide whether or not a game is worth it at a certain price. And I think Backbreaker is selling for $50.

II Necroplasm II3033d ago

It's because people are scared of change these days.

This game is innovation...and people don't want that after playing Madden for years. Backbreaker is a big learning curve.

Yes, the game has it's flaws, but it's their first shot out the cannon with this. But so does Madden, even though a new game comes out every year... it still has it's own problems...but it's EA and people love their nano blitz, speed burst catches and scripted animations.

feelintheflow3033d ago

Not that madden is all that awesome, but to think that the first iteration of a game would out do a game that has been around forever was crazy. A hot new physics engine does not make a great game.

stephmhishot3033d ago

Honestly, even if the gameplay redefined the football game genre, the lack of NFL teams/players would have killed it anyway. Hell, as a kid, playing as Player 99 with the Bulls was miserably disappointing.

cyborg69713033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Now would you say that if it had the nfl license? Madden hasn't changed since 04. And yes I'm a madden hater. This game will show how good madden could be, despite all of it's shortcomings. I say give it one or two more years. Madden is a cash grab and that's it. Didn't get it last year and won't this year, and I'll judge for myself how bad this game is.

@below Yes apexisfree is the guy your talking about in the vids. And he's right 04 was the zenith of madden. And until they get they're ducks in a row at ea I will not support them, which will be no time soon.

stephmhishot3033d ago


what bothers me is that the 2004 madden was actually pretty awesome. then it just kept getting worse. even that guy on youtube who posts the 2k5 vs madden videos admitted that the 2004 madden was awesome and yet somehow EA sports screwed up a decent formula.

jacksonsgames3033d ago

Ha just what I expected. Oh well at least they tried.

stephmhishot3033d ago

How I hate you, yet I love you. I think that's how every gamer feels. It used to be tough to describe how I feel about Madden, but thanks to BP I finally have a metaphor. Every August when I buy the newest Madden I feel like I do now when I buy BP gas because its conveniently located two blocks away from my house...and always 10 cents cheaper than Mobil.

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