Bitmob: E3 Predictions

Bitmob: The biggest gaming event of the year is slowly coming upon us. I know its a little premature to be making predictions about what any of the Big Three are going to unveil considering we've still got a good two weeks before it even happens. What can I say other than genuine enthusiasm about what this year's E3 will bring us?

Of course there are already some givens most of us expect to be there so I'll merely touch base with those and discuss more about potential titles that could make an appearance or that I'm hoping will be there. Mind you most of this information will probably bring out the 'duhs' from the back of your brain so bare with me please ladies and gents.

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jacksonsgames3031d ago

I'm expecting to see Natal, ps3 move, and maybe wii2.

Jrlibrarian3031d ago

I don't think that Nintendo will bring out the Wii2 just yet. They will probably focus on the 3DS and wait until at least next year for a teaser of their next console.

Jac5al3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Bitmob wdf is this?? Bitbag is the one and only!

waterboy3031d ago

zone of the enders 3, killer instinct 3, wardevil

Lirky3031d ago

metal gear solid : peace walker (ps3) teaser.

unknown1003031d ago

Killzone 3 OWNING all other games.

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