PS Blog:Get a Grip on E3 at our PlayStation.Blog Meetup

E3: it’s the most important gaming event in the world. But if you’re not part of the games industry – good luck getting in the door!

Well, as we proved last year: we don’t feel that it’s got to be that way. Once again, we’re opening up E3 to our most loyal fans, and you’re invited: I’m happy to announce details for our 3rd annual PlayStation.Blog E3 Meetup.

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remanutd552880d ago

attending for sure but damn 8 hours before the meet up ? wow it reminds me of the MGS4 launch event in NYC

coolasj2880d ago

12 hours early. last year it was a surprise what you were getting right? and think of it this way. E3 is now like only an invite only thing. if im not wrong you still need some kind of connections to get it. truly makes me wish i lived there.

Mucudadada2880d ago

I'll be there for sure!!!

UNCyrus2880d ago

Looks like I'll see you there too man

Sigh2880d ago

this is great. Fans who got to enter in sony's conference last year were really LOUD, so I hope they holler just as much this year :D

Enate2879d ago

Dang man its either L.A or New York that get all the events. They should just randomly bust out E3 in Atlanta one year so we can do it big on the east coast for once :)