Xbox 360 Project Natal photos

Lusogamer published Xbox 360 Project Natal photos.

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Its nice to see what Natal looks like. Btw, I don't know whats worse. The troll or the people who feed the troll. Its amazing how all the people who hate on Bungie think that they're above him somehow. LOL..the irrational mentality of fanboys.

Edit: Read Major Jack Hoff's comment. Good stuff.

"The peeps who say don't feed the troll are the worst"

Why Cyborg? What about my words offended you? Srry, I forget how sensitive the people on this site are. LMAO, Cyborg, why are u telling someone to calm down, its just words. Relax dude haha.

cyborg69712972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

The peeps who say don't feed the troll are the worst.
@below Major you sound like you need a quaalude. chill out. Sounds like your not the 1/10th.
Dead what about my comment sounds that I'm excited about anything? Your words don't affect and have no effect on me. I merely stated that to get a rise out of you and my job is done,

dreamcast2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

"What about my words offended you? Srry, I forget how sensitive the people on this site are."

Pot, meet kettle.

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TOO PAWNED2972d ago

I have hard time to believe that cost over 100 bucks. Looks so simple and small

SixZeroFour2972d ago

dont judge a book by its you know how much turtle beach headphones cost? do you think THOSE look complex and big?

LeonSKennedy4Life2972d ago

Turtle Beach headsets do, in fact, look complex and big. I hope you were just making a joke. Lol.

SixZeroFour2972d ago

depending on which ones you get, i know the higher end ones look and are much more complex, but they still for the most part look like normal headphones...but you understand my point (i hope) that it isnt what a product looks like, its what it can do that matters

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too see what games Natal has hopefully something for everyone

Imperator2972d ago

Yea, I also have a hard time believing Wifi adapters and HDDs could cost more than 100 bucks, yet MS proves me wrong. The $150 price tag does not surprise me one bit.

Unless MS has some Really (emphasis on the really) good games, I won't anywhere near this. Especially with PS Move coming out around the same time.

IdleLeeSiuLung2972d ago

Yeah, it is hard to believe those tiny little high end Intel processor can cost a fortune like $500+....

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I'm not going to get this. It only serves to augment the gaming experience, I suppose. I'm not rich enough to toss 150 bucks around for it. I still need an HDTV, scratch that, 3DTV.

Hallmark Moment2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I urge 360 fans not to comment in Natal articles because the PS3 fans will report your comments and strip your bubbles. They swarm Natal articles with great anger and frustration as if Natal was a direct threat on their way of life. Bashing Natal as if the majority of the people following Natal with excitement will magically look else where. Something is wrong with the new N4G making it easier for the Sony camp to abuse the system.

Almost reminds me of the mob mentality when new ideas came about.

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