EA: BFBC2 won’t beat MW2 this time

Publisher EA has conceded that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 won’t outsell its direct rival Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 this time out – but its believes the foundations have been laid for future success.

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BakedGoods2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

I don't see BF:BC2 as being a direct competitor to MW2 anyway. It's a team-based objective FPS, where as most hardcore MW2'ers are all about the quick team deathmatches and kill:death ratios. The BF:BC2 crowd is a different beast therefore it's sales would probably grow the FPS market more than it would take market share away from MW2.

Perjoss2914d ago

its a bit like comparing super mario kart to games like gran turismo and forza.

ape0072914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

BC2 is one of the best one of the most explosive experiences I played in a long time, in every match a lot of amazing moments happen, each game feels different from the other and just absolutely love call of duty:mw2 so much, BC2 got that explosive feeling and mw got that downright extremely awesome and satisfying gameplay, it really is like taking drugs

don't forget that bc2 sold 5 millions that's an outstanding achievement

WAVING THROUGH these comments I found poor excuses for hating mw, now accessibility is an issue HA, that's the way the GAME plays, why moan about mw in every article while say nothing about how accessible\easy to pick up and play is uncharted, lbp, halo, mario galaxy etc....

games should be varied, mw2 and bc2 gave me best of both worlds and im very happy about that

nothing will ever make you happy, if one play style is missing you just keep crying wanting the other, now you got both styles but you still keep complaining

you guys are no more than bunch of poor whining forum addicts who pretend to be real gamers

I know I know that's the reaction of jealousy, deal with it

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

A lot of people hate the game because it was a massive dissapointment. We expercted to be on a par with CoD4 at least. Most people expected to be better than CoD4. The game was a massive let down. MW2 only sold like it did because of the quality of CoD4

If I want to play CoD I'll play CoD4

BattleAxe2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

BF:BC2 needs more variety. I'm already tired of the same maps over and over.

Pandamobile2914d ago

Pretty bold expectation on EA's part. Yes, BC2 is a fantastic game. Yes, it is a much, much better game than MW2.

But COD is like crack for 12-16 year old gamers. And boy, there's a lot of 12-16 year old gamers.

RememberThe3572914d ago

BattleField doesn't have that "crack" feeling. At least not to me. BC2 was a much better game but it is a slower game and kids don't like slow.

irepbtown2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Because there is no Leightweight Pro in that game.

But BC2 is much better in my opinion, been playing both games to see which one feels the best.
MW2 is just run with commando pro and knife people 10 metres away and jump from buildings and survive.

BC2 on the other hand, is just more tactical.
And the Vehicles puts even more pressure on a player to do team work.

XactGamer2914d ago

It's ok, real gamers know Battlefield is a better series. MW is just a Halo clone with modern weapons, doesn't make it a bad game but Battlefield takes real skill to play.


I am sorry, but MW2 is nothing like halo...

MW2 really is an easy game.. I don't care what anyone says about Halo, it still takes more skill then MW2.

On the surface halo seems like there is not much to it, but if you play with the guys who are really good you will no there are a lot of little, subtle depths to the game play.

MW2 is very much point and shoot who sees who first. For the noobs who are crap with their Aim, they can run round with light wight and knife everyone.

I don't have a problem with MW2, my belief is this; If you are an average player with most fps games then you will prob be good at MW2 because it's so easy. If you are crap at most FPS then you will prob be average MW2. If you are really, really good at most FPS then you will be awesome at MW2.

An easy game should be even easier to the pro's then it is to the noobs.

I am between ok - good at most fps, so MW2 makes me look almost unstoppable.

I have to work way way harder to get even half the number of kills in Halo.

FishCake9T42914d ago

Damn right its like crack. I need my fix.

retrofly2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Its also crack for 25, 23 year olds ;)

Ages of me and my brother, I have another brother who's 13 and addicted too, but you've already covered that one :)

I though BF:BC2 was good but didn't hook me in like MW2.

I think I played BF:BC2 for about 2 weeks before going back, now I'm only 22 ranks from prestige 10 :)

BattleAxe2913d ago

Its got nothing to do with kids(well maybe on 360 it does)

I've got 5 days worth of playing time on BC2, but I'm bored as hell now, so I'm back on MW2. I wish they would have kept BC2 more like the first game because there was more of an emphasis on using vehicles, and the maps were bigger.

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SixZeroFour2914d ago

well bfbc2 was much more successful than bfbc1 and gained more of an audience and fanbase, while at the same time, mw2 although selling more than cod4, still turned off many players with the game breaking glitches, perks and killstreaks and even lost some of those fans to bfbc2

on top of that, there are many (but still a large minority) that know about what happened to IW staff and the situation with acti/IW and remain skeptical about the next IW cod the next games by both dice and IW are possibly going in even footing, it will be interesting to see what happens...but im rooting for the next bfbc

irepbtown2914d ago

I dont understand the disagree you got.
I Just had to agree.

tdogchristy902914d ago

next up is medal of honor, I can't wait! :)

RememberThe3572914d ago

It looks so sick! I'm so fucking excited for that game!


Why would anybody be excited for an Army FPS, most of them are the same shit anyway

TukkerIntensity2914d ago

because it is. MW2 hasn't been in my PS3 since BFBC2 came out.

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