50+ Gears of War 3 Art And Screen's Gallery

Gameinformer writes: "All this month, we've been highlighting the new features and details surrounding Gears of War 3. Today, we open the doors on all the fantastic art and screens Epic provided for our magazine cover story."

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jcgamer2851d ago

can't wait to see this bad boy in motion, hopefully e3 gameplay...oh, and to the haters...get ta STEPPIN'!!

lol :)

Faztkiller2851d ago

Screens look great can't wait till E3 it's going be awesome

Aquanox2851d ago

Looks too good to be true... and I'm talking about those with a hud :o

Elvfam5112851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

What the is that? Is that a locust mix with something or what. does anybody know?

MerkinMax2851d ago

This game is looking really good. The lighting overhaul is a huge plus.

Traveler2851d ago

Wow!~that does look incredible.

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boysenberry2851d ago

It sucks that we have to wait almost an entire year to play Gears Of War 3. Oh well, I hope we see Gears Of War 3 at E3 2010!!

Faztkiller2851d ago

I hope they demo it like last time and announce a beta for this year

Dance2851d ago

they can use that extra year to polish up the game and make the sure multiplayer works

RetroSoldier2851d ago

Coolest looking sawed off shotgun ever. Shotgun; mans best friend.


8thnightvolley2851d ago

wow its looks so beautiful... the colour the athmosphere.. i am so hyped for gears3 its not even funny.. a freaking whole year.

CR-Y-SIS2851d ago

I was about to hype but those were all bull shots.

Can this game be the first to showcase the 360's raw power? YES!

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The story is too old to be commented.