7.0 Blur Review "Blur promotes a great blend between simulation and arcade racing and it makes for a hi-octane experience, especially when there are 20 cars in a single race. However, the online experience is severely hampered by the architecture and serious question marks should be raised about the single player experience - it really feels like it's just there for the sake of it. Overall, Blur is a competent experience and is great in short bursts, but it just doesn't feel like it offers enough."

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Hardedge2969d ago

Bugger, I was gonna get it for the multiplayer..

mephman2969d ago

It is a whole lot of fun, it just might not have very long legs.

ShawnCollier2969d ago

Hopefully a sequel fixes most of the issues in this version.

N4GAddict2969d ago

Blur needs to sell first tho

The Slash2969d ago

I just knew this game was going to be mediocre.

eagle212969d ago

This dominates what?? Po-lease. :)

Solbadguy2969d ago

I've played since Burnout Paradise. I bought both MNR and Blur on the same day and ended up playing Blur way more than MNR. I thought it was going to be the other way around but Blur's online modes are so addicting, they even have a destruction derby mode.