Blur DEMO now available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace

A new Blur DEMO is now available for direct download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360. Blur is an arcade style street racing game featuring power-ups, speed boosts, and online multiplayer. The demo weighs in at 1GB and is available in all Xbox LIVE regions.

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JOLLY13001d ago

I thought this game was a multiplat, or is just the demo multiplat?

SixZeroFour3001d ago

i think this multiplayer demo is exclusive to xbox, which i find extremely halarious...i mean making a big deal over an exclusive multiplayer demo?

btw, i thought the multiplayer demo was out for awhile now? cause i played it for a while like a month ago or something, before the reach beta was out...or maybe that was considered a beta almost 100% sure this game is multiplat, and that they are only talking about the exclusive multiplayer demo cause it mentions "xbox live online multiplayer beta demo" before "xbox 360 exclusive"

BakedGoods3001d ago

The demo's exclusive because PS3 gamers can actually afford to buy the game outright, whereas the 360 guys need to play a demo while they save their allowance.

forahobby3001d ago

lol.. good call BakedGoods.. heheh

dirthurts3000d ago

PS3 gamers make random uneducated purchases ...
hence the PS3... : )

I kid I kid.
I don't think financials have any real impact on what gamers choose as a console. They're just a hundred bucks apart...
Anywho. Yeah, I think it's multi plat. I'm sure PS3 will get a demo eventually.
Anyone know if it's coming to pc?

JATOSIN3000d ago

Maybe 360 users like to make educated purchases and not just go out a buy every game willy nilly.

but on the other hand the demo has been out about a month before the release date.

mad-dog3000d ago

? i played the demo yesterday...

great game. i think i like it better than split second.

but i still prefer mariokart and burnout.

3000d ago
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