How To Make The Perfect Sackboy

Meet Nikki. She’s been busy sharing videos of her growing collection of handmade Sackboys with the world on YouTube. Her how-to videos don’t just show you how to crotchet these amazing dolls; they also reveal an impressive talent with a needle and a passion for getting all the details just right. We wanted to find out more about the artist responsible for these amazing creations, so we’re pleased to present you with an interview with the crochet master.

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Sunny_D2967d ago

oh yay! knitting!
looks around*

Anybody? hello? :(

Dsnyder2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Lol as girly as it is, it does take a lot of skill and practice to make something like that. Almost makes me want to do it.

Edit:They kind of look like voodoo dolls. Lol creppy/cute.

sid4gamerfreak2967d ago

Wait, what? Am I at the right site?

Davoh2967d ago

Is everyone letting their girly side out? The Sackboy does look good though.

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zireno2967d ago

I saw this a while ago and just recently (about two days) I told a friend of mine about this, and she's making one for me :)

Meryl2967d ago

lol she should go into business and sell these things :):)

Stuart57562967d ago

This is news for gamers is it?

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