Ten of the Most Frustrating Video Game Cliffhangers

From The Game Reviews:
"So you’ve dedicated countless hours in the game you’d spent a significant chunk of change on, striving toward the ultimate goal, that being a rewarding game ending. And reward you it does, with cutscenes, sweeping score, and of course, a sense of accomplishment and closure. But wait, what’s this? No closure? Instead you receive -- a cliffhanger?"

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Corrwin2910d ago

It wasn't even the good kind of cliffhanger where you're left wondering "Well how's he gonna get out of this one?".

Not it was the bad kind were he has no chance, left to die, the bad guys win.

hay2910d ago

Where's God of War 2? It was terrible cliffhanger for me. Right now when conclusion is out it's not that bad but imagine.


It's 2007 you kicked the hell out of Zeus, you're THIS close from finishing this whole crap, titans are climbing up Olympus, you're thinking: "one more stage and it's done" and... you see pretty "To be continued". On a console you don't have yet.

cain1412910d ago

I still want a Kotor 3...

italianbreadman2910d ago

Me too...

made by BioWare...

italianbreadman2910d ago

Alan Wake's ending was insanely frustrating.

ThanatosDMC2909d ago

Well they did say it would be a cliff hanger ending which doesnt make sense since they could have added another disk to actually just finish the game. I mean, with that long development time... they should have finished the story.

MasterChief36242909d ago

But why finish the story completely when they know that adding a frustrating cliffhanger will pique interest in the DLC they'll be bringing out, and henceforth everyone who cares about the cliffhanger will buy it?

dizzleK2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

cliffhangers in $60 videogames simply shouldn't exist. they're 1 thing in an $8 novel or tv show because you knew there will be the 2nd season/ part of the trilogy out in a year. but games take years to develop and they are not guaranteed to get a sequel. i need closure for my $60.

Venatus-Deus2910d ago

I actually agree with you however...

$60 for 10+ hours of entertainment.

How much are cinema tickets in the US? That’s about 2 hours entertainment. What about MW2 or BFBC2? That $60 for 200 hours entertainment…

What much are theater tickets?

Besides, the fu*kers want you to buy the sequel

The Tingler2910d ago

Every time someone mentions the cliffhanger ending of Half Life 2: Episode 2, I cry. FOR F***'S SAKE VALVE HURRY UP.

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The story is too old to be commented.