Cheat Happens: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

Cheat Happens writes: "Super Mario Galaxy was the game that saved the Wii for me. Amidst a sea of multiplayer party games and fitness debacles, the stout plumber’s beautiful, original, engaging and fun inter-galactic adventure seem to come out at just the right time – when I was ready to completely give up on the Wii".

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matey3033d ago

why does this reviewer say he was ready to give up on wii hes chatting rubbish there are amazing games on wii with spectacular ones coming out this year why does a few reviewers always near E3 when we know there is alot going on for nintendo ect start saying things like that the wii at a push can compete graphics wise with 360 all day long i dont like this review he talks rubbish and cant except that this game besides ocrina of time is the best game of all time get used to it and this is before galaxy 3,zelda wii,pikimin 3,ect