Treyarch Will End Gaming as We Know It

Infinity Ward is no more, a seriously crappy turn of events and corporate douche-baggery has cemented that. Although, gamers as a whole aren’t seeing the bigger picture: I.W. not making Call of Duty games threatens the entire industry.

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BakedGoods2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Are we seeing the emergence of Infinity Ward/MW2 fanboys? WaW was an incredible game. The single-player far surpassed MW2's arcadey-over the top "Team America" version. CoD games were never about arcadey-gunhoe shooters. WaW was raw, powerful and realistic, like the originals before it. If Black Ops is anything like WaW's single-player with a dash of IW's incredible multiplayer elements Call of Duty: Black Ops has win all over it.

Fanboys: stick with MW2 if you don't like Treyarch. The rest of us will be enjoying the fruits of their labour--a new amazing CoD experience both online AND offline.

xTHRASHx2851d ago

if u read the article u would know i am not a fanboy. sir.

BakedGoods2851d ago

I did read it, and the fanboy comment wasn't for you per se, more of a generalized statement to recent commentary regarding Black Ops and Treyarch.

The only promising criticism in your article was when you talked about "over-stimulating" the market with bad games. Activision is notorious for this (re: Guitar Hero), and even during the IW years Activision made it clear they were interested in a CoD every year. So you have an interesting point there, but that has nothing to do with Treyarch and everything to do with Activision.

xTHRASHx2851d ago

yes i must apologize when i saw you approved it i closer examined your comment and saw this, thanks :) and yeah activison is certiantly famous for publishing drek for the sake of a buck

kratos1232851d ago

and look guys everybody is happy again and will be buying COD again
damn cod is really ruining gaming its the same game over and over
the funny thing is people will always buy this trash above
games like: ICO ,OKAMI, and soon to be the last gaurdian

and after this activision will screw gamers again and then all us gamers get angry and start mocking again and wonder how this happend
but its really us gamers how are to blame fore buying the same product over and over

Cevapi882851d ago

the 2012 of gaming, really?? who is suppose to take this seriously

ShinMaster2850d ago

With BakedGoods first comment, it is spot on.

badz1492849d ago

we do? I personally think Bobby Kotick is destroying gaming with his annual crap!

beavis4play2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

to think the gaming world will suffer without IW is ridiculous. and your "theory" on IW pushing other devs is ridiculous as well. recently GG (makers of KZ series) said that what's pushing them (on making KZ3) is other in-house devs (naughty dog and sony santa monica). they said games like GOW3 and UC2 only make them work harder - they didn't mention IW. and i'm glad they didn't......IW games are all about MP - they're SP campaigns are SHORT and UNIMAGINATIVE. - give me more interesting stories like KZ, halo, gears, or resistance

the quality of games is better than ever. halo and gears series on xbox - KZ and resistance series on playstation. and i felt WaW was a fun title.

gaming will be fine WITHOUT infinity ward.

MiloGarret2849d ago

I'm sorry Thrash, but that is one of the worst articles I've ever read.

I feel like it was written by a very young person... hmm

wicko2849d ago

After MW2 I really can't say IW are the best MP developers. They dropped the ball big time. The way I see it, if the game has mechanics built in for people getting a 50 killstreak, your game is broken as shit.

Also, "hugest" is not a word.

SinnedNogara2849d ago

To me the article just sounded like someone b!tching because they're favorite company just got split in half.

Saying Treyarch will ruin the balance of gaming is like saying Avatar revolutionized the film industry as we know it.

More importantly you sounded like you were saying Treyarch was as bad of a developer as say Rebellion.

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Canucks232851d ago

Everybody shits on Treyarch because they make the less popular CoD games, but when it comes down to it Trey's a perfectly competent developer that supports their games after release with patches and more double xp better than IW has ever done with it's last 2 CoD's. Treyarch added zombies to WaW and that shit was mad fun, way better than Spec Ops was, so it's not like they don't know how to make a good game.

dragonelite2849d ago

Hey the stain of one bad cod just isn't going away from them talking about cod 3. WaW was awesome the sniper level is king.

christian hour2849d ago

Yeah I've been avoiding Treyarch since COD3... COD2 was my first COD and one of my first 360 games. I loved it and it blew me away, so you can imagine I was a little disappointed in COD3. An because of that I only recently experienced Zombies in WAW. My ignorance towards Treyarch made me miss out on an amazing experience.

Now as much as I'd hate that to happen again, I don't think I'll bother with their new COD. After 5 years of "nex-gen" war shooters (most of them being countless tiring repetetive sequels and/ore clones)I'm just sick of the whole genre. Sure I'll pick up KZ3 and Halo:Reach in the future, but i like them, because they're not real life shooters and its fun to escape to distant planets :D

FishCake9T42850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

OK i understand how you prefer WAW over MW2. However COD4 is by far the best COD of all time. Thas why there is such a big following for it even today . And story wise MW1 destroyed WAW. When Gaz died at the end it was a moving scene, you never saw it coming.

Thats not mentioning the awesome single player missions such as the AC-130 mission or the mission where you play as captain price.

Hideo_Kojima2849d ago

You never saw the fact that you would be betrayed by your own army and burned alive along with Ghost in MW2 either... Also in MW2 you get to play co op AC130 that is fun too.

I like Cod stories.

duplissi2849d ago

loved the single player in cod 4 absolutely loved it.

i used to be a die hard cod fan because i loved the gritty realism that was put into the story and atmosphere, but with MW2 all that was lost, and replaced with a michael bay esque story.

rockleex2849d ago

Nonsensical ramblings. Missions that have nothing to do with anything. Betrayals that you could see from a mile away. Etc.

COD4's singleplayer was MUCH better, more cohesive, and left a much bigger impact.

WAW felt more MW-like than MW2 did. After playing MW2 and going back to WAW, I actually realized how great WAW was.

My absolute favorite is still COD4 though. Very balanced. Maps forced you to move around tactically. Easy to kill campers. An entire team can't just camp in a certain area and own. Etc.

SinnedNogara2849d ago

I'll have to agree with duplissi and rockleex. While MW2's single player was fun, the story was terrible in comparison to the story in CoD4. The first game was a realistic war story while the second was idiotic politics followed by a pissed off general who betrays his country because he's butthurt over a nuke that blew up 5 years ago. Ridiculous.

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SOAD2850d ago

None of what this article said made any sense. Can I get some weed?

christian hour2849d ago

I'm getting a half ounce of pot of gold home grown from a buddy later :D Come join me!

aGameDeveloper2849d ago

Agreed. It sounded like it was written by some teen who's never played anything but CoD/MW games, peppering the article with some references and names he found through Google...

sid4gamerfreak2849d ago

Actually Infinity ward ruined the entire mw2 experience. The loss of dedicated servers and the 5 hour single player campaign was indeed dissapointing. Not to mention the glitches that plagued the game.

So if anything, Treyarch will make the whole COD experience better and rewarding.

kasasensei2849d ago

COD WAW is nothing but stages cleaning. Poor level design, bad narration, bad feeling with the weapon, bugs with hidden boxes and collisions , framerates issues (even on the 360), and more stupid of all, the enemies are spawning everywhere, regardless where the player is, so, sometimes a nazi appears just in front of you one meter ahead, ridiculous... and scripts are done more present, mw2 is a little better on this point.
So honestly, MW2 is better all the way. I just complete the two games some days ago. And MW2 is like a hell's train that does not let you breath from A to Z, a sequence of memorable moments.
Finished in 10hours, hardened difficulty level. And did not try the specs ops for now.


MW2 pretty well! Poor level design, bad narration, bad feeling with the weapon, bugs

Did you know only about 60 people worked on [email protected]?

Over 100 people worked on MW2 and MW, so Treyarch can make great games even with the number of workers that are less then IW...but you know whats better? OVER 200 PEOPLE are working on BLACK OPS, IW only has about 70 people now, so Black ops will be better because they have the extra 100 people they never had before, They said they have groups for co/op Sp,Mp, it would be about 66 people per catogory, so they have about 66 people working on mp and 66 people working on co/op and 66 people working on sp!

So It will be a beast when it comes out because they have alot of extra hands they never had before!

kasasensei2849d ago

Yeah you are right. When a big team is at work, they will do great things, always!

vickers5002849d ago

You just said MW2 was better than WaW. You have absolutely no credibility left, so you cannot make sarcastic jokes. The fact that you continue to like MW2 is a joke.

El Botto2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

The COD appeal has always been the multi player.

And WaW multi player was quite good. Some of the maps were smoking hot. But the inclusion of tanks and some of the sizes of the maps were major turn offs.

Overall however, the multi player maps had a raw and brutal feeling that far surpassed Modern warfare 2. Even though the engine wasnt tweaked as much as MW2, the ripped body parts, the "hostel" feeling made WaW multi player a very enjoyable experience as long as you didnt get a tank map. The dogs were also brutal.

MW2, on the other hand, was very enjoyable multi player wise and gameplay wise with loads more options and weapons. But it had this weird cartoony/ "team America" feeling which was just dumb. Majorly dumb. And the maps, while impressive at first, lacked the detail and the raw feeling that World at War maps had. The tweaked killstreak was a fun idea on paper and the first 2 weeks or so. It sucks now. Utterly sucks. With the dogs/ helicopter, you just know where you are at and the experience is better that way. With the new system, you get shit after shit, not to mention the massive abuse.

I have no doubt in my mind that Black Ops is going to be another stellar CoD and most likely Shooter of the Year.

The fanboys need to suck it. Nothing Reach can do about it.

dtalon32849d ago

lol...ok buddy. only shot black ops has at reach is the fact that it is multi platform.I would love to see all these announced features for black ops that blow away what we have heard about Reach, we literally know next to nothing aside from a few modes and basic plot. Aside from that how about we not talk about 2 unreleased games when we really have no Idea how well either will do.

yess2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

But new gamers are made everyday, who never played the old versions.
As and old gamer i have seen most out there, and it starting to look same same...

Am i sad? No not really, Cause i handed over the gamming to my son (14) and he is going for it, as it's all new to him.
He do not care if it's IW or Treyarch who made it, he is just playing with a big grin on his face..

A new generation will keep it alive...

DarkSpawnClone2849d ago

"I.W. not making Call of Duty games threatens the entire industry"

LOL!!!! funny stuff. i think gaming would be better with out another rehashed cod thank you how many cods do we need ?,I'm getting sick of cod maybe because there out every year i think this year I'm skipping cod for other games cod:black oops will make 7 cods i have all the cod games for ps2 and ps3 so far (but black ops,obviously) and i think im done with cod for now,i was playing mw2 and i was thinking to my self,do i really want this again ? no.all the cods are almost the same game all the online modes are basically the same with a few changes the best cod is still COD4 in my books so many flaws in all the cod games its horrible. i don't think i would start to hate cod as much as i do now if they didn't release one every year

rezzah2849d ago

5 Isnt an original, which means it really isnt a CoD game. Just because you slap a title on it doesnt mean thats what it is. You want a real CoD exp you should play 1,2,4,and 6.

bobcostus2849d ago


Did you seriously just call World at War "Realistic"?

Are you mental?

NYPunk882849d ago

This article has to me the most overly dramatic, fear mongering, pile of horse sh*t I've read in a good long while.

It's the end of Infinity Ward, nothing more...good riddance to them too. MW2 has to be the worst FPS I've ever played. (my K/D 1.20 w/over 37000 kills I'm not the best but most definitely not the worst).

PRHB HYBRiiD2848d ago

treyarch all the way....btw treyarch just want to make games...if gaming ends its all activision's fault.

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tdogchristy902851d ago

As it stands right now it looks like the new Medal of Honor wants/is going to claim the thrown. IMO that is.

xTHRASHx2851d ago

i really like the way the new MoH is looking, but based on previous titles at this time BFBC and Bioshock are top contenders, would u agree?

HenryFord2849d ago

Nope, BFBC2 could be called a contender, but Bioshock? Not in any world.

beavis4play2849d ago

the new MoH looks amazing. can't wait to get to afghanistan! ( in gaming only, that is...LOL)

tunaks12851d ago

[email protected] single player campaign was better then MW's and MW2's.
No offense but this article is a load of bull.

jmmurillo862851d ago

Nonesense. If Wii hasn't destroyed gaming already, nothing will.

tunaks12851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

pfft HD consoles destroyed gaming,
what happened to my precious FF13?

ClownBelt2849d ago

" what happened to my precious FF13?"

It was very enjoyable. Best game this gen next to Demon's Souls. I'm doing a second run actually even though I already got all the trophies.

kratos1232849d ago

dont be stupid SE reuined it
not the hd consoles
this is trully the most stupidest thing i have read on n4g

tunaks12849d ago

yes thats what I meant,
Hd consoles ruined the game
I was talking about the development of these large HD games. How much money and resources do you think is needed to make a game like FF. Read how much people were needed to make this game, even SE said they would not make that mistake twice.

04soldier2851d ago

After dropping $60+ on glitchy,short campfest of a so called game Treyarch, Infinity, and Acti can keep their overhyped CoD games.