10 PlayStation Games You Should Be Playing, Part 1

Some of these games would probably be best left to collect dust according to many in the gaming community, but certain niches never get old and will remain relevant for several years to come. Thus, we present the first five of ten PS1 games that you should be giving a try if you haven’t already.

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DelbertGrady3037d ago

Poy Poy, Alundra and Kagero Deception 2 & 3 are three hidden gems that anyone with a fancy for PS1 games should check out. If you can find them that is.

There is a PS2 game in the Kagero series called Trapt that is pretty good also.

Acquiescence3037d ago

Final Fantasy VIII
Fear Effect
Fear Effect 2
Rollcgae Stage 2
Bloody Roar 2
Broken Sword: The Shadow Of The Templars
Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror
The Legend Of Dragoon
Vandal Hearts
Rival Schools
Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver
Jumping Flash!
Jumping Flash! 2
Spyro The Dragon
Parappa The Rapper
Vagrant Story

All classics

XactGamer3037d ago

Resistance 1&2, Infamous, God of War and MGS4 are my pics. I haven't played Uncharted or all of KZ2 yet.

Ult iMate3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Why Hydro Thunder and not Rapid Racer?
Nice selection, though. Brings back the memories!

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