Killzone 3 Director on 3D, 'Hard Sci-Fi,' and More

Destructoid finally got a chance to sit down with Hulst one-on-one. They chatted about Killzone 3, 3D gaming, PlayStation Move, the science fiction of the Killzone universe, and more.

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SOAD2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

"You saw the demo today, those are actually Killzone 2 characters in there. We actually have already replaced them, just not in the demo we showed you today"

Awesome, that means that the character models in the screens that are floating around the net are not the final product. Not only are they not the final product, but they are not even the alpha of KZ3, they are models for KZ2. In the screens I've seen, everything looks improved except for Sev and Rico's characters. Now I know why.

bananasNmonkeys2916d ago

The helghast must be new models though?

Imperator2916d ago

I've said this before, but remember how much UC2 improved in just 4 months? Imagine how much better KZ3 will look with a whole year.

Monolith2916d ago

exactly! remember the first God of war3 video and then the final product. Amazing, cant wait to play this game in 3d.

KratosGIRL2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Sev is a cool guy but Rico needs to DIE!!!

nemrawy2916d ago

So no Move?


PlayStation Move.

-Yeah, Move is great. We've been toying around with SOCOM, and I can't really talk about… we get a lot of questions about co-op and Move. But we're really only talking about what we have here today. It's obviously something to keep an eye on.

You know, working with Sony 3D televisions and pushing forward with the 3D technology, it seems it would make sense for you also to support Move.

-It would make sense that you would ask that question! [laughs]

Move support and co-op is pretty much confirmed after reading those 2 lines :)

Just when you thought it can't get any bigger & better..... Man I love these guys :)

crazydrummerlad12916d ago

hahaha thot the exact same thing!

telekineticmantis2916d ago

The fact that guerilla tries to divert from the norm really impresses me, and my anticipation of playing this game is major but just seeing what it will be is half the excitemet

ArchangelMike2916d ago

I'm so stoked for KZ3 right now, not sure about incorporating move though. I hope all these add ons (move and 3D) don't detract from the development of KZ3!

raztad2916d ago

I dont think you need to be worried about KZ3 development. Those guys are more than up for the task. Pretty sure they will blow our higher expectations.

I want MOVE support on KZ3. I plant to play ans replay the game with both DS3 and MOVE. Talk about replay value.

DaTruth2916d ago

Yeah, I had really high expectations for Uncharted 2 and couldn't have dreamed they'd do what they did!

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The story is too old to be commented.