Far Cry 2 is Coming, First Video Tech Demos Released

Here are 3 new tech demos from Far Cry 2.

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ShiftyLookingCow4162d ago

not great like Crysis but not too bad. I would like to know who is behind Far Cry 2.

Crazyglues4162d ago

farcry 2 is being made by ubisoft not crytek who made farcry, farcry 2 is being made using the cryengine not cryengine 2
crytek sold the rights to farcry

Bathyj4162d ago

Ok, now announce it as PS3 exclusive. That will explain the ads for PS3 programers Crytek has had all year.

ShiftyLookingCow4162d ago

nonsense, Crytek most definitely not involved in this. They would have already had impressive demos by this time if it was Crytek. Cry Engine 2 is a multi-platform engine that Crytek wishes to license like UE3. PS3 is a specialized piece of hardware which needs dedicated programming to maximize potential. That is almost certainly the reason for that PS3 job offer.

GamerJuice4162d ago

These videos are old. they were on YouTube 10 months ago..

TnS4162d ago

These are very old.

xfrgtr4162d ago

Incase anyone does not know, Crytek (Developer of Crysis) only developed the PC version of Far Cry not the piece of sh?t console versions, but shortly after that was released, Crytek and Ubisoft split, and Ubisoft owns the Far Cry name.

sloth4urluv4162d ago

Dont get it, is this supposed to be showing off the engine or 3d studio max?

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