Shogun 2 Total War Announced

Like its processor, the new game picks up in 16th century Japan during the aftermath of the Onin War. The battles between rival Shoguns have devastated the country and left the capital of Kyoto in ruins. Competing warlords in control of small pockets of power are each striving to obtain the blessing of the central emperor and legitimize their rule of the entire land. The player takes on the role of one of eight of these warlords, each with a unique starting position and different political and military strengths. Some may be located on remote islands that are rich in resources but far from opportunities. Others might be in the thick of the action immediately and able to use unique samurai units to carve out a more secure portion.

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DA_SHREDDER3035d ago

This is awesome, but Im torn between wanting to buy a rig to play this, or just missing out on it all together because they are too damn lazy to port it to the ps3 considering Creative Assembly made ps3 games before, and the ps3 supports keyboard and mouse. Better yet, this + PSmove would be phenomenal.

emk20043035d ago

52,000 guys in a single battle. thats insane! to bad i dont have a computer that will be able to play this nicely make me sad. hope there next game is rome2.

Faelan3034d ago

Quote "Add in support for up to 56,000 units in a single battle, and it's clear to see just how ambitious Shogun 2 really is. "

I hope they mean -people- rather than units... although... from what I can see on wikipedia, 56000 men running around won't be enough to do a 1:1 simulation of some of the battles that took place during that period. That's just going to be sick O.o


I wonder what the system requirements are going to be in order to run one of those huge battles at max.

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