White Knight Chronicles 2 Update

Details on the new avatar knight transformations and Level-5's plans to include the original.

Famitsu has a short two page spread on White Knight Chronicles 2 this week. But included in the update is confirmation of some things that have needed confirming for quite some time.

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himdeel3037d ago know that part one and two are on the same disc with all DLC from part one WITH part one having upgraded graphics to match part 2.

I'd definitely purchase this is the NA version has all this in it.

Godmars2903037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Still get the feeling this game should have been in the cooker more. The general setting just doesn't come off as a world inhabited by giant monsters where once giant mystical armors protected the people, vanished, now are back again - and oh wait - now there's this lesser form of armor based on the stuff we just found that anyone can use.

This probably should have been Monster Hunter w/mechs...

I'm also now torn between finishing the game, mostly for some Home related rewards, or fully abandoning it in hopes that the 2nd will come out in the West.

DA_SHREDDER3037d ago

Agreed Godmars. Not that WKC was bad by any means, but it felt lacking in alot of areas. Empty even. WKC was really polished, so dont take what im saying as flaming. It has alot of potential, they just need to fill in the void when it comes to the lore of the Universe. That takes time and imagination. This should be a phenomenal title as long as they learn from their mistakes, and dont rush this.

ThanatosDMC3037d ago

Damnit! I knew i should have kept the game instead of selling it to my friend for $40 or at least i should have tried it first.

ElementX3037d ago

With the low scores the first one received, I'm a bit skeptical about the 2nd.

AbyssGravelord3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Because reviews should always judge what games you play.


masterofpwnage3037d ago

so how was alanwake or splinter cell.

not AAA but both is still one of the best game this gen

sarshelyam3037d ago

...had I listened to half of them I'd have missed this gem of a game. I had far more fun with this than FFXIII!

ElementX3036d ago

My friend bought it and he wasn't impressed by the graphics, combat, or anything else. I trust him. The reviews also reflected issues with the game.

sarshelyam3036d ago

I have a friend who recommends movies to me all the time. Needless to say his taste in films is all across the board (as are mine), but they don't always correlate. Must be nice to place so much faith into the words of one person.

All I'm saying is that you really should try things out yourself and stop relying on the words/opinions of others. Independence is a beautiful thing!

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Kurisu3037d ago

From what I've played of the first game I really don't want to play the second. It's a shame, really, as when WKC was announced it was my most anticipated game. Now I don't even know if I can bring myself to carry on playing the first.

madjedi3036d ago

Lol thats funny i have star ocean 4, bioshock 2, ff13 and gow3 all on hold because of wkc and i can't wait to get a hold of part 2.

Demons Souls3037d ago

That way I can play WKC 2 & 3 on the same disc.

Godmars2903037d ago

That's part of the reason pt1's getting put on the disc. Revamped and improved to be as playable as pt2.

More evidence that the game should have been in develoment longer...

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